Always fresh, sometimes funny - a food and veg service new to Burlington

By Staff

March 10th, 2023



Putting the word ugly in the description of your service is a dodgy approach – even if what you are promoting is cheaper produce.

Eat Impact Founder Anna Stegink

However, groceries are not going to get any cheaper if what we are hearing from the owners of the major supermarket organizations that were grilled in Ottawa earlier this week

Eat Impact, an organization tapping into the ugly and surplus fruits and vegetables sector and delivers it to homes has launched the service this week in the Burlington, Oakville markets.

The cost of food for the average Canadian family has increased by 28% since 2020. With a projected $1,065 increase in grocery bills this year alone, shoppers continue to be challenged to stretch their budget to stock their fridge and pantry.

Eat Impact claims that billions of pounds of produce go to waste every year due to not meeting strict cosmetic retail standards and oversupply. This drives up food prices and has a big negative impact on the environment.

The company partners with farmers and distributors to rescue the ‘too ugly’ and ‘too many’ fruit and veg, and delivers it to customers at up to 40% off grocery store prices. “We are on a mission to build a more sustainable food system and help people eat well, do good and save money,” Eat Impact Founder Anna Stegink shared. “We deliver to hundreds of happy customers across the GTA.

It’s a pretty simple business proposition. We will try it and let you know what we think.

“The produce Eat Impact delivers is always fresh and sometimes funny” Stegink shared. “Over the past weeks the boxes have included curvy cucumbers, twisty carrots, giant parsnips, tiny beets and oranges with slight superficial scarring on the skin”.

Eat Impact offers a variety of produce boxes starting at just $19.95 for a box with 8 to 10 types of perfectly fresh, rescued fruit and veg. The produce selection varies weekly and customers can customize their box to swap items they don’t want or need with ones they love.

Join the rescue mission! Visit to learn more and sign up. Use coupon code Welcome25 to get 25% off your first box.

Worth looking at:  “Always Fresh, sometimes funny”

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