An election promise? License plate renewal stickers to be eliminated

By Staff

February 22, 2022


Be advised – there will be a provincial election on June 2, 2022

The Ontario government is making life more affordable and convenient for nearly eight million vehicle owners by eliminating licence plate renewal fees and the requirement to have a licence plate sticker for passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, motorcycles and mopeds, effective March 13, 2022.

“As the cost of living continues to go up, our government is cutting costs for families to make life more affordable,” said Premier Doug Ford. “Eliminating the fee to renew your licence plate and refunding the cost of doing so for the past two years is a concrete way we can put and keep more money in the pockets of hard-working Ontarians.”

The government is introducing red tape legislation later today that would enable the province to refund eligible individual owners of vehicles for any licence plate renewal fees paid since March 2020. Upon passage, vehicle owners will receive a cheque in the mail starting at the end of March and throughout the month of April.

“Our government is taking strong action at a time when the cost of living and doing business in Ontario is skyrocketing,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “For many families, driving is an absolute necessity. Eliminating licence plate renewal fees and stickers is part of our government’s commitment to support drivers as we continue to build Ontario’s transportation network, including by building the Bradford Bypass and Highway 413.”

To receive a refund cheque, vehicle owners who have moved recently will need to confirm that their address information on their vehicle permit or driver’s licence is up-to-date at by March 7, 2022, and pay any outstanding fees, fines or tolls. For more information and/or assistance with changing an address, vehicles owners can call ServiceOntario’s dedicated line at 1-888-333-0049.

“Our government is putting money directly back into the pockets of Ontario families and workers to help make life more affordable,” said Ross Romano, Minister of Government and Consumer Services. “Eliminating these fees and stickers is just one of the ways we are reducing the burden on Ontarians and making it easier, quicker, and simpler for Ontarians to access critical government services.”

Under the proposal, renewal fees will also be eliminated for passenger, light duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds that are owned by a company or business. However, no refunds will be given for the period of March 2020 to March 2022.

“Small businesses play a vital role in fostering Ontario’s economic growth,” said Nina Tangri, Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction. “Starting next month, eliminating renewal fees for vehicles owned by a company or business is just one of the many ways we are supporting small businesses across the province so they can continue to thrive and contribute to their communities.”

Vehicle owners will still be required to renew their licence plate every one or two years at no cost to confirm their automobile insurance is valid and pay any outstanding Highway 407 tolls and other municipal fines. The government is working with partners to develop a new, more user-friendly process that will continue to validate automobile insurance requirements, support law enforcement efforts and collect municipal fines and unpaid Highway 407 tolls.

The Ontario government is also investing in Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology as part of its commitment to provide police with the tools they need to do their jobs, improve public safety and strengthen roadside law enforcement efforts across the province. An ALPR system can read thousands of licence plates per minute allowing officers to process more information on licence plates. It also has the capability of capturing vehicles of interest such as amber alerts, drivers with a suspended licence, and stolen vehicles.

Renewal fees and requirements for licence plate stickers for heavy commercial vehicles and snowmobiles remain unchanged.

Quick Facts
• Eliminating renewal fees will save vehicle owners $120 a year in southern Ontario and $60 a year in Northern Ontario for passenger and light commercial vehicles.
• Vehicle owners should update their address before March 7, 2022 in order to receive a refund for fees previously paid by the end of April 2022.
• Physical licence plate stickers have been eliminated in other jurisdictions in Canada including Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Manitoba and Alberta.
• Driver’s must continue to renew their driver’s licence every five years online or at a ServiceOntario centre and pay a $90 fee.
• ALPR is tested technology already being used by a number of Ontario police services.

The Gazette wishes to point out that a provincial election is scheduled to take place in June.

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18 comments to An election promise? License plate renewal stickers to be eliminated

  • Susie

    So interesting the comments made of the “highest electricity rates” – brace yourself for the future of “all electric vehicles” and see where electricity rates will hike to then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diane Knox

    The First of probably many – ‘Vote for Me’ – Crumbs by Ford to buy votes in June. This will have no repercussions on his Big Business Financial contributors nor the Shareholders of 407- Privatized by Mike Harris. How might those Tolls in Public hands been used to improve transportation in the GTA?

    Two more questions, What if I change my plates and Where can I get a “Beer for a Buck”?
    Voter beware, Be wise

  • Mike Hribljan

    Thanks for your comment Bruce. Incase the electorate forgot it was the Wynn government that caused Ontario to have some of highest electricity rates in North America, Wynn publicly regretted, late last year, gutting our health care system that was in part responsible for further lock downs. Her government was also responsible for the closing of countless schools across Ontario including two highschools in Burlington. Privatized Hydro One, hired the $6M/yr man to run it, then got us into some bad deals in the US. So let me bring this full circle, to illustrate how this is not a buck a beer deal as some would spin it. Most of those that got us through the pandemic, associates at Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, (and other critical services that were allowed to open) many would have to work about 8 hours (or more) to pay $120 after tax for a useless sticker. The highest tax bracket person works 2 hours or less and was likely allowed to work from home. It shocks me the progressives don’t get this. Maybe not so progressive?

    • Fred Untermeyer

      Mike – although I don’t disagree totally with your position, and find it comforting that a well-heeled member of the Burlington ‘upper crust’ has such sensitivity to progressive values, you might want to check your spelling – it’s Wynne not Wynn. If you’re going to slag people better make sure you have the right ones.

    • Bruce Leigh

      ” It shocks me the progressives don’t get this. Maybe not so progressive?”

      I know, I know. Me too!

      The PCs have always been thought of and acted as the party of the working person; the party of the marginalized; the caring, supportive party. Not thought of, or acted as the party of the wealthy, the party of the business lobby; the party of the developers’ lobby; the party of the privileged; the party that cuts the funding of social services.

      How on earth could Doug Ford and the PCs be so misunderstood?

      After all Doug Ford and the PCs have done so much:- to reduce class sizes; to assist those with autism; to solve the nursing shortage; to be the first Province to sign up for the federal $10 a day childcare program; and just recently by showing his total leadership during the “trucker” occupations and getting them resolved.

      And throughout the 2 year pandemic Doug Ford and the PCs have been steadfast in listening to and acting upon advice from scientists and the medical profession. In never bowing to the self-interest of the powerful business lobby, or yoyoing between shutdowns and opening ups.

      And of course he brought in the roaring success of Buck a Beer, which continues to this day.

      No doubt about it Doug Ford and the PCs have done a stellar job!

      Yeah, right !

      Come June 2nd, 2022 kick Doug Ford and the PCs out of government !

  • Mike Hribljan

    I cannot image another country that would snub their noses at what is basically a tax break. This is a flat tax which progressives should take offense with. In Ontario we pay some of the highest taxes, coupled with high electricity as a result of the last government. As I read this in other publications its a $1.1B revenue loss, however some will come back to the government through GST and income taxes as this is spent. Also I expect there will be some savings on the cost side. Its also a nice win for those who are struggling to make ends meet with the rampant inflation we are experiencing. I find it snobbery of the highest level when someone says everyone should be able to afford $10 a month. The reality this hits people on the birthday at the full amount and its one more useless thing people need to due in their busy lives. At the same time people are being hit with higher gas prices, the province will likely have a nice windfall on taxes from gasoline. Seems like a nice way to reduce government bureaucracy and give people some of their hard earned money back that can be circulated back into the economy.

    • Bruce Leigh

      Consider moving to the Niagara region. It has many wineries. You’ll be at home there. Yes, as Gayle L. says, this is “buck a beer” 2.0. Hopefully the electorate does not get fooled again.


    I like my roads paved and my schools heated!

  • Christine Rose

    Doesn’t make any sense to me. Ask yourselves- what was that money used for and what services will be cut? Road repairs? Education? Health? All for $120 a year. It will poke another big hole in the budget.

  • Gayle L

    This is terrible public policy. If you can afford a vehicle you can afford a $10 a month license plate fee. It does nothing for those who do not have cars and those rely on public transit. It is a HUGE loss to the treasury that needs revenues to maintain roads and provide for other public services. It’s this election campaign equivalent of buck a beer I hope the electorate can see this ploy for what it is and vote resoundingly on June 2 against it.

  • Peter Rusin

    I never ran against Marilyin’ Meed Ward…….I ran at her, so that all the nimby people who supported her, would see her true motives. And now they have all this beautiful new high rise development in the downtown, and more to come; and no Official Plan, just remnants of a four year freeze on development that cost the City dearly. I ran against her little incompetent lap dog while in pursuit of the lying mayor, get your fake news sorted out.

  • Eva Amos

    As I understand it you will still be required to register your vehicle to validate your insurance and pay any outstanding fines. The only difference I see is now you will not have to pay to renew your sticker although I don’t know how it will be validated that you have registered your vehicle.

  • Peter Rusin

    Best Premier Ever Award goes to Doug Ford……just wait and see what he does to the Burlington mayor with the changes to the Planning Act and development related legislation; no more Nimbys and no more Bananas, and so long to the perpetually petulant Marilyn’ Meed Ward…bye bye time in election year 2022.

    Editor’s note:
    Mr Rusin who ran against Mayor Meed Ward is unable to spell her name correctly. The Mayor of Burlington is Marianne Meed Ward.

    • Blair Smith

      I believe that Mr. Rusin knows full well what the Mayor’s given name is. His use of “Marilyn” is a stylistic insult, which is somewhat petty but his prerogative. Additionally, Mr. Rusin never ran against Meed Ward. He ran against Anne Marsden and Rick Goldring in the mayoral race of 2014 and against Rory Nisan in the Ward 3 contest of 2018.

  • Update: guess it’s not such good news for those with 407 disputes after all. One dispute we heard of was for a person who was legally blind and had never owned a vehicle or driven in the period the 407 charges were claimed.

  • This is very good news indeed. Although we did not have a problem we know of many who were disputing their 407 bills who had no choice to pay or else they could not renew their license plates and in several cases it was their business vehicles that were involved.

    • Carol Victor

      Disgusting ploy..up there with a “buck a beer”..just like his mentality to come up with this.
      I hope everyone realizes they are going to pay for this somehow, seems to be particularly unfair or those who are not vehicle owners
      Will not help to deal with the real problem of pollution but then our premier isn’t part of a party that cares about climate change

    • Dave Turner

      That issue is not going away. The only change is the removal of the fee. Plates still have to be renewed and fines paid beforehand. Good to see our Mayoral candidate is up to speed.

      “One dispute we heard of was for a person who was legally blind and had never owned a vehicle or driven in the period the 407 charges were claimed.”

      Is that hearsay or did you speak directly with the “victim”. If you did not speak directly with the victim, you are as bad a Fox News. As a Mayiral candidate you have an obligation nit to make unsubstantiated statements, and frame them as if they are indisputable facts.