An email that is original gets read - if it is a template it gets counted - the difference matters

By Pepper Parr

October 9th, 2023



The Good folks in the Millcroft community are ready to bombard the politicians with email requests to support the city request for a MZ0 – a Ministerial Zoning Order.

If they get what they are asking for it will be one of those Zap! You’re done or a wave of a Magic Wand.

It would mean an immediate end to the application for a decision from the Ontario Land Tribunal.

With a stroke of a pen, the Minister can instantly override any chance of appeal of land use planning.

The City is requesting a Minister’s Zoning Order (“MZO”) to protect and preserve the existing uses of Areas A to D and to facilitate appropriate residential development in Area E.

Email from constituents matters – they read what you write but they do count what comes in and they note if what they are getting is the same thing from everyone.

The view taken by constituent offices is:  if you don’t care enough to write your own letter then why should we bother paying you all that much attention.

Millcroft Aganst Development has provided some tips and suggests.  But make a point of making it personal – make a mention of the impact this will have on YOUR home and the larger community.

Do that – and you have their attention – and you might have your Zap! Moment.

The community is served by two Conservative MPP’S who support our cause.  Everyone can be involved so please forward this email to friends and family>An email should go to:


Hon. Paul Calandra,

Hon. Doug Downey, make sure you put KC at the end of the Downey email.  He’s pleased is as punch with the Kings Council designation he gave himself.

Hon. Parm Gill

Send your email to the following addresses:”>;;;;


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