An Open Letter to Natalie Pierre - the Progressive Conservative candidate for Burlington

By Pepper Parr

March 15th, 2022



Welcome to the world of politics, Natalie.

Being nominated as the Progressive Conservative candidate for Burlington without having to go through the nomination process was certainly a gift.

Natalie Pierre – newly appointed provincial Progressive Conservative candidate for Burlington

One has to wonder what all those card carrying members of the Burlington Progressive Conservative Association think about the decision to forgo a nomination meeting.

The tradition in Canadian politics has been for the candidate to present themselves and their ideas to the people who vote.

The last election (the federal one) the Conservative candidate refused to take part in any media event.  Given that you are part of an organization with the word “progressive” in it – it would be reasonable to expect a difference from your team.

No word yet on just who is going to run your campaign; who will handle the fund raising and when we will get to see and hear you.

There is very little information about you in the public domain at this point in time.  Not a word about your political activity.  Many people who work in the educational sector tend to stay away from politics, however there was a senior Sheridan staff member who took a run at the Liberal leadership a few years ago.

Burlington is a city made up of decent people who love where they live.  A large part of the population could be described as professionals with strong values.

This is what the people want.  Those who know Jane know that she will be all over your campaign.  Get to know Joyce Savoline who once served the people of Burlington at both the Regional and provincial levels.  Joyce is the kind of person who will keep you on an ethical path.

Now that we appear to be coming out of the pandemic there are no reasonable reasons for not being public.

We would love to know who you are; what you think, what your values are, and how you believe you can serve the needs of the city.

Being put forward by the current MPP Jane McKenna wasn’t the route many would choose to become a candidate.

My hope is that you will be who you really are and not get muddied by the darker side of politics in this city.

The Progressive Conservatives have provided some of the most effective government the province has had.  Learn what Bill Davis and John Robarts did for the province and pattern yourself after that kind of politician.

Be yourself, don’t let others turn you into something you never wanted to be.

Finally, if given the opportunity to rent the little blue house – don’t

Looking forward to meeting you.



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4 comments to An Open Letter to Natalie Pierre – the Progressive Conservative candidate for Burlington

  • perryb

    Having Jane McKenna as your sponsor will define you unless you cut that connection real fast.

  • Carol Victor

    Let’s hope you aren’t a gun lover!
    Let’s hope you believe in climate change!
    Let’s hope you aren’t in love with developers!

  • joe gaetan

    Excellent open letter with many valid points, questions, and a kind offer, Pepper. Now the question is, is anyone at P.C HQ listening?

  • Hans Jacobs

    “Get to know Joyce Savoline….” is excellent advice.