An Urban Farm just north of the downtown core - will be in place for at least two years

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April 20th, 2021



An interim urban farm is popping up at the North-West corner of Brant Street and Ghent Avenue with support from the Molinaro Group that owns the land and has plans for a major development in the future.


Bales of straw have been placed on the property -not explanation as to why – yet

COVID-19 is estimated to have dramatically increased the number of people facing acute food insecurity in 2020-2021 both locally and globally.

This project is making impactful change by opening up new and innovative sources of food that can help reduce the stressful experience of food insecurity while also mitigating the effects physical and social isolation. The unique approach of this project focuses on the collective experience towards enhancing the quality of life for local community members.

urban frm 2 apr20

Looks more like a maze than a farm – let’s give it some time and see how things work out.

Burlington’s Grow for Change Urban Farm will be in operation for approximately two years across spring to late fall growing seasons. The volunteer based not-for-profit group will promote a truly multi-purpose urban farm, focused on growing food for local food security organizations, expanding community connections and promoting the many health impacts this initiative will deliver. Remote participation is encouraged through providing video and social media updates as the urban farm develops while keeping the community informed.

As a collaborative and engaging project local participation is encouraged. A call out for volunteers and  operations sponsors is underway. Opportunities include: administration, general labour, planting and horticulture, education and general maintenance. To maintain physical distancing and an organized approach to volunteering scheduled shifts will be required, for clarity, the project is not managed as individual growing plots at this time. Interested parties are invited to contact

Vince Molinaro

Vince Molinaro

Vince Molinaro, President Molinaro Group explains: “When we were asked to be part of this initiative we said yes without even hearing all the details! The Urban Farm touched on all of our ideals and values including our love of our families, community and the environment. We all have our own gardens at home and can’t wait to share our own ideas with the group”.

Lisa Kearns, City Councillor Ward 2 adds: “Food security is a very real issue in Ward 2 and this progressive approach will help provide nutrition to our  most vulnerable. I welcome the collaboration between a private development group and a local volunteer group to strengthen the bonds of community. A truly great opportunity to get involved in a safe and purposeful way.”

urban farm3apr20

To follow the Grow for Change Urban Farm’s progress:


Facebook @i.will.grow.for.change

Twitter @G4C_UrbanFarm

Instagram @Grow4ChangeBurl


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