Anne Marsden in the race to defeat Mayor Meed Ward

By Pepper Parr

July 15th, 2022



This is not the image you were expecting to see from Anne Marsden as she announces the filing of her nomination papers and is officially in the race to be Mayor.

There is lots to say about what kind of Mayor Marsden would make – in due course.  For the moment lets see what she puts up on heer website.

Marsden said responses to her Tweets has doubled.

Politics is all about numbers and perceptions – a look at the number of Burlington votes Marsden got when she ran for Regional Chair astounded everyone.  17,000 people in Burlington wanted her as the Regional Chair – that was more votes than Rick Goldring got at the same time (2018) when he ran for Mayor.

Those numbers mean something.

The Gazette will interview Anne Marsden in the days ahead and track her progress



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3 comments to Anne Marsden in the race to defeat Mayor Meed Ward

  • Bob

    If it Anne running for Mayor or David?
    Are you going to be the one answering for her when someone delegates to council if she is elected? If she wants to campaign then ANNE should have her own account and answer for herself.

    • If Bob has seen any of our delegations he would know it is always Anne who does the speaking.
      The Nomination Paper is for Anne Marsden. I am not going to change the contact information that has been out there for some 20 years now and was available to the 17,000 Burlington residents who voted for me to be Regional Chair. I am proud to have been married to Dave Marsden for 56 years who is also my legal AODA support person associated with my significant mobility disability which the medical profession advised my parents was serious enough to put me in an institution at 4 years of age. I could not run for Mayor if he was not legally entitled to have Dave by my side, as my legal AODA support person, regardless of where I am.

      The election bank account is in my name and I am the only signing authority on that account. There are no donations from anyone including Dave which limits me to $25,000. The election pages on are 100% mine and there will only be my picture and my name on those pages. When Bob runs for Mayor as long as he stays within the rules he can choose how to run his campaign. Having had a significant disabiity since birth and living in an inaccessible world I had to learn how to be competitive, if I wanted to achieve what I have achieved rather than live an isolated life in a home for crippled children as we used to be called.

      Having a good and very well respected man by my side for 56 years who would kick down the barriers that I failed to knock down, no matter how hard I tried, is just one of the ways I have achieved what the naysayers including the medical profession said I could not. You live your life the way you want to Bob and I will live mine with my soul mate from a match made in heaven! The Queen is Queen Bob, but always gave credit where credit is due to the role Prince Phillip played in her becoming the very respected monarch that she is. Written by Anne Marsden candidate for Mayor of Burlington whether Bob and whoever he supports likes it or not, my nomination is filed!

  • is presently being revamped with two pages being dedicated to the election that will be linked to her business cards. Not able to order printing of web site updates until bank account opened which is second step after nomination. As everyone knows Anne is a stickler for rules and is grateful for the Deputy Clerk who gave her a stack of paper to digest before doing anything. Until everything is ready, around 2 weeks from Monday, the “mare” will grace the first election page of