Anne Marsden speaks to the students: 'Our future' as she puts it adding - “Anne Marsden, the Mayor Burlington Needs”.

By Anne Marsden

October 17th, 2022



The following email is the first of several that I received during the election

 Dear Anne Marsden,

Hi! I am a student in Grade 5 at Alton Village Public School located in Burlington on Steeplechase Drive. In school we have been assigned a project where we learn about the people running for mayor. My group has been assigned you to research about. I have some questions for you, I am wondering what your main goal for our city is? How would it impact us? One last question, what is your slogan or phrase that you really want to catch people’s attention with?

Also Ms. Marsden, something I would like for the city is for pollution to stop or at least to go down a bit. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day and good luck with the election!

From, Isabelle AVPS Student

My Reply:

Dear Isabella, Lovely to hear from you and to learn of your interest in my plans for Burlington as Mayor.

Anne Marsden, candidate for Mayor of Burlington at a Chamber of Commerce event

My Main Goal for our city is that I can lead Council into making the very best decisions for all the families and businesses in Burlington. I will need to ensure that the decisions made are inclusive of ALL families not just the families that like what I like.

 It will ensure that your family can provide what you need, such as putting healthy food on the table every day, have a home that is comfortable in terms of heating and if you get sick there is a place to go to help you get better. The streets are safe in terms of no speeding cars etc. and you have lots of places to go for walks or bike rides in your community and enjoy the wonderful splash pads and playgrounds that we have throughout Burlington.

My slogan is “Anne Marsden the Mayor Burlington Needs”.

I hate pollution too Isabella. When I was little I lived in a town in England where there was lots of pollution as we all had coal fires. We also had a big chemical company where everyone worked.

Some days the pollution was so bad you could not see a hand in front of you and ammonia leaks rotted the nylons our moms wore.

After a lot of people got sick it was decided to do something about it. The last time I visited my home town there was no pollution and I could see Roseberry Topping part of the Yorkshire Moors

Roseberry Topping part of the Yorkshire Moors

I promise to you and the rest of the Halton students I will do my very best to accomplish what they did in my home town – Billingham Co. Durham – so we can see and be glad about the beauty that surrounds us. Nothing is better than a bike ride or walk when you can breathe in fresh air and see the beautiful gardens and parks we have in Burlington.

I thought you might like this photo that I have of when I was two that I put my slogan on. It was taken in Billingham riding my pedal car on the street and I adapted it for this election – we would only see maybe one or two cars on that street a day.

I have also attached a photo of me now so if you see me you and stop and say Hi.

Many people had to experience huge sacrifices to have a country where the people decide who the leaders are going to be.

The third photo is a poster I designed and a friend created to encourage people to vote.     It is the right thing to do to vote as a lot of people had to do very difficult things to ensure we could choose who we wanted for Mayor.

Thank you and I hope you get a good mark for your project because you asked all the important questions of me.

Regards Anne Marsden

Anne Marsden is a candidate for Mayor who wants to get her message out to not only the people who can vote but to the student population as well.

An advertisement paid for by the Committee to elect Anne Marsden Mayor of Burlington.




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5 comments to Anne Marsden speaks to the students: ‘Our future’ as she puts it adding – “Anne Marsden, the Mayor Burlington Needs”.

  • Fred Jones was Dave’s best man and Babs was one of Anne’s bridesmaids. You can google who these folks are. They come from Billingham in the North of England (the town where Anne met and married Dave and left to come to Canada in 1966). They led and won a movement BAND Billingham Against Nuclear Dumping to stop Nuclear Dumping in the ICI Anhydrite mines that were no longer being worked. Just plain every day folks who could not bear to see their town house the issues that could come from such a move. Later they took on the challenge of saving a park when the plans were to build a school on it and of course Billingham yes, you guessed it years later Billingham still has a full John Whitehead Park – which you can google.

    We keep in touch regularly and they don’t necessarily agree Anne should be running for Mayor rather we should both be enjoying our retirement but their response to the article I sent them from the Gazette on speaking to the Halton kids contained a success story of our town. Fred lived right next to the ICI gates and his house was the first in line for the ammonia leaks and everything else that we could not put a label on. Fred and Babs being who they are and not because they are the bestest friends you could ever have, wrote me a short very meaningful email which the people of Burlington should read. Far better to read and digest what Fred and Babs total strangers to you all said than that of the three commentators who likely have significant ulterior motives for their comments.

    14:18 (2 hours ago)
    to me

    Hi Anne

    I thought your reply to the student’s question was really well answered – it’s really good that you have the benefit of having seen how pollution affects the community and how awareness – ie education – can help to counteract the polluters and work towards a greener environment for all of us.

    Good luck on the 24th!

  • Off topic as usual for this trio. This article used my own funds to provide answers to students who I could not personally visit and will not be voting. Guess you either did not read the article or you simply want to detract from our Halton students who have taken such a huge interest in this election and Honouring the Sacrifices their parents votes bring, regardless of who they vote for.

    My election process goal was to raise the issue of too little of us take the time to vote. The record crowds that I saw that brought tears to my eyes at the Advance polls indicates my priority for the election process itself has likely been met despite very little support from city hall in this regard. Missing Voters Cards has been a very big problem for many as they could not vote on-line.

    Students and parents alike have been nothing but complimentary in terms of the campaign I have run without taking a single donation. They also really appreciated information that in Burlington for Halton Chair in the 2018 I got 17,000 votes for $200. MMW got 123,000 votes for $83,000 for Mayor and Incumbent Mayor Goldring got less than 17,000. Those I and my volunteers have talked to are quite adamant that they want a 0% budget and understand I got the biggest bang for my $200 without a single debate and no advertising except a sign hung on the front of my mobility scooter and cards I mainly had left over as there was only one volunteer I could count on.

    The votes were earned by my reputation for taking an interest in such matters as MMW’s first motion was to get rid of the panhandlers and her second to hide the December 4th Region correspondence on the New Official Plan from the public. She kept it in her files and it never went to Council.

  • Howard

    I have listened to her in debate. A non response to a softball question is poor. She is more interested in procedural bylaw than tackling a 10 year vision for Burlington. Leaders look forward with their ideas for a better future and some stick their neck out in doing so. Those that have nothing to offer and simply want to complain are relegated to advocating for no one but themselves. This is Anne Marsden

    • David Barker

      You are so right, Howard. Candidate Marsden constantly refers back to the C Difficile outbreak in 2008 as an example of a success. A bit like the Leafs talking about their recent 1967 cup triumph. She says her top priority if elected is to address a procedural bylaw. She does not lay out any actions she would take to address the issues facing the City. I have put some basic questions to her on five separate occasions. But she just ignores the questions. She does not practice what she so stridently preaches.

  • Dave Turner

    Marsden is still not providing details of any specific actions she would wish for Council to take to reach her goals. Every action has a cost associated with it. How will she fund those actions?