Anne Marsden to run for Burlington Mayor in October

By Pepper Parr

February 24th, 2022



Anne Marsden

A few days ago Anne Marsden released a statement saying she was going to support Jane McKenna who announced she was running for the office of Regional chair.

Many thought Marsden might run for Regional chair – she had in the past and did remarkably well.

This afternoon Marsden threw another curve ball and announced she would run as Mayor of Burlington in the October election.

She then provided some data on the top three candidates in the 2018 election.

The first reaction was – how embarrassing for Rick Goldring.

There are others who have an interest in being the Mayor of Burlington.

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13 comments to Anne Marsden to run for Burlington Mayor in October

  • Wow! All Anne and Dave Marsden did was point out that in 2018 Anne was in the top three (along with Marianne Meed Ward who was in second place behind Gary Carr) in terms of votes cast in the municipality of Burlington and Anne did it spending under $1,000 as compared to $86,000 of Meed Ward and $129,000 of Goldring the incumbent Mayor. This well evidenced indisputable statement has released the absolute worst of the worst community newspaper publisher and community member opinions that one could imagine. We would suggest those involved put their energies into less destructive ways to release their frustrations. It does nothing for the reputation of Burlington and Halton in terms of being a fair minded community who understand that those who are a challenge to the candidate for Mayor of Burlington, they will support if nominated, got there despite the well stacked odds against her.

    • Mary Hill

      You deliberately, misleadingly, deceptively manipulated the appearance of your previous vote counts, mixing and matching different election races to provide a false appearance.

      Rather than calling names at those who castigated you for your behaviour, you should be offering an apology. Even if not a full apology then something like “it was never my intent to mislead or deceive the Gazette or its readers or anyone else when I presented the voting tallies as shown in this article. If my presentation had those effects, I sincerely and totally apologize for that. I shall be sure to be clearer and more careful in the future”. That is a politician’s no apology apology!

      Notwithstanding any apology being forthcoming, you should withdraw from any election race this cycle due to your severely damaged credibility.

  • Penny Hersh

    Mary, I did. I went to the source – The Marsdens. They had emailed me directly and sent me the information. It was at that time that I realized that her vote tally came when Anne Marsden ran for Regional Chair, not for mayor.

    Asking for verification is not “foolish” it is prudent.

    • Mary Hill

      I agree getting verification is prudent. Independent verification that is.

      You might want to yourself give this internet thing a whirl and access sites like,, or other news organizations. You can yourself then get the answers to the questions you keep posing to others.

      By now you have probably read the opinion piece just published here:-p “Marsden learns to fiddle with numbers to create an impression that she can win when she runs for Mayor in October.”

      Your trusted source caught being unethical, misleading, deceptive. Employing the type of behaviour she is forever accusing others of doing.

  • Bob

    Are Anne and Dave going to divest themselves of their second home outside of Burlington?
    the one the gloated over having spent their quarantine time at? or will she be a part time mayor?
    As Mayor and as a candidate, will she do the talking? or will Dave type for her in her answers still?

  • Mary Hill

    According to Global Newd back in 2018

    Meed Ward, Marianne 23,360 (46.04%)
    Goldring, Rick 16,781 (33.08%)
    Wallace, Mike 9,609 (18.94%)
    Woodruff, Greg 983 (1.94%)

    Don’t see Mad Marsden anywhere there. The phase “legend in her own mind” seems to fit.

  • Penny Hersh

    Who supplied the vote tally? Did anyone check it for accuracy?

    • Eve St Clair

      In 2018 ,Anne Marsden ran for Regional Chair against Gary Carr and received 17,407 votes So the claim she ran for Mayor is false

    • Mary Hill

      Ms Hersh, instead of asking the questions “Who supplied the vote tally? Did anyone check it for accuracy?” Why not do the homework yourself and provide the readers with the answers. So lazy!

      Ms St Clair. Where did you get your information ?

      Global News and separately Halton Region itself both reported:-

      Candidate Vote %

      Gary Carr 79,775 65.98

      Anne Marsden 41,136 34.02

      How can anyone take these two women seriously?

  • Mary Hill

    You are right, Eve. You do not. Why is that? Well, because as someone who is entrepreneurial and is not good at staying within corporate diplomatic speak boundaries, I would be a disaster either as a Councilor or a Mayor. I’m neither qualified, nor well suited to the constraints of Municipal politics.

    Having witnessed Marsden first hand in public municipal settings I would suggest she is even less well suited to municipal politics than I am. And I really am not.

  • Carol Victor

    Mary , you left out “foolish” Ford running for re-election as Premier.

  • Eve St Clair

    Funny I don’t see your name on the list ?