Another complaint to the Integrity Commissioner - wolves circling easy prey.

By Pepper Parr

April 23rd, 2024



The wolves are circling what they think is going to be easy prey.

The Grimsby Town Council recently voted to accept a report from their Integrity Commissioner (vote was 5-2) to suspend the councillor’s pay for 15 days for contravening the council’s Code of Conduct.

Ann Marsden see this as an interesting Integrity Commissioner report that is relevant to a complaint that could be put forward by at least three Burlington Councillors and multiple members of the public.

Lynn Crosby being interviewed by Cogeco

Marsden quotes Lynn Crosby who said:  the sole purpose of the petition put forward by Councillors Kearns, Nisan and Galbraith was to have the Mayor comply with the wishes of a majority of her Council and identified members of the community.

Ironic that the petition needed a 2/3 (which is 5 of the 7 members of Council) to get on the council agenda when a simple majority of council were asking the Mayor for something she was able to give but simply preferred not to.

On April 16 the Mayor made many on the record statements that did

Mayor Meed Ward did not make a declaration regarding a conflict of interest and failed to pass the Gavel thereby playing a two person role: accused and judge.

Marsden found it interesting that an Integrity Commissioner can recommend removal of a Council member as Chair of a meeting.  Given that Mayor Meed Ward set herself up as the Chair of all the Committee of the Whole meetings – which are currently the only meetings Council hold –other than the formal Council meeting at which bylaws are passed.

Ann Marsden delegating at City Council

The Marsden’s said they would have their complaint drafted by May Day which is the day that commemorates the struggles and gains made by workers and the labour movement.

For those interested in the Grimsby Integrity Commissioner’s report the link is HERE. click on the April 15 council meeting for the agenda and documents).

This is getting to be a bit of a sticky wicket.


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3 comments to Another complaint to the Integrity Commissioner – wolves circling easy prey.

  • Anne and Dave Marsden

    The Publisher’s comment on the choice of May Day is well taken. However, we had a different reason for selecting that day May Day, May Day is the alarm sent out for a sinking ship. May Day 2000 our legislation compliance audits were used to release a person with sigificant disabilities from a hospital bed occupied since July 19, 2019. The bed was neither needed nor wanted and had been used to isolate the person from her family at a cost of $600 per day minimum. She returned to her family and the Burlington community she loved the next day. She enjoyed life as a free person travelling the world (Australia and UK to celebrate her 80th birthday spent in isolation) with her family and enjoying the Burlington community until the end of her life April 9, 2006. May Day 2000 commenced a democracy victory for a Burlington resident and her family. May Day 2024 will hopefully do the same for thousands of us, we can but try. All hands on deck.

  • Lynn Crosby

    Just to be clear, that’s a REALLY old photo of me and though I don’t recall ever being interviewed, if I was it must be from the Central school closure days. I wasn’t interviewed on this matter.

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