Are any of the politicians representing Burlington going to utter the word treason and ask the PM to

By Pepper Parr

June 10th, 2024



There is that beautiful phrase woman have: What part of No don’t you understand?

There is another word: treason.

There are members of Parliament who, while not yet personally identified, have chosen to serve foreign governments rather than the Government of Canada where they serve as members of Parliament.

Each political party meets in closed sessions as a caucus.

That means that when the Liberals and the Conservatives caucus they are in a room with people who are traitors.

If this were war time those traitors would be shot.  There were more than 12 men in the Canadian Armed Forces who were shot during the Second World War because they were found to be traitors.

There appears to be enough evidence to charge them with treason but the RCMP are not expected to lay criminal charges.

We have three members of Parliament who represent different parts of Burlington:  Karina Gould; a Cabinet Minister; Pam Damoff, a parliamentary assistant and Allan Van GET the member for Milton.

Pam Damoff, Liberal MO Oakville North Burlington.

Karina Gould, Member of the Liberal Cabinet and MP for Burlington.

Adam van Koeverden, MP for Milton.

All three attend the Liberal caucus, knowing now that some of their colleagues; the people in the room with them are traitors.

And they say nothing?

The least they could do is ask the Prime Minister to remove them from caucus and dismiss them from the Liberal Party.

These three people really need to think about just what treason amounts to.

Matt Gurney, a Toronto Star contributing columnist, in a podcast with Susan Delacourt said the following:

“People can (and very much have!) been removed from caucus in the wake of explosive allegations. This isn’t new. This prime minister has done it. Legislators get benched for allegations of sexual misconduct, of financial misdeeds, of impaired driving or substance abuse … it’s not frequent, thank God, but it’s also not unheard of. And the reason is both obvious and valid: the political leaders understand that public confidence in both their political party and the government as a whole requires that kind of public step, even when the allegations may be criminal and have not yet been proven.

“The notion that these allegations are just too serious to do anything about isn’t going to fly with the public. I think the politicos are stuck in analysis paralysis and that’s not tenable.”

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5 comments to Are any of the politicians representing Burlington going to utter the word treason and ask the PM to

  • Bernard Marchildon

    Is the PM is counting votes. Does the Communist Party of China have something on Justin? Does the CPC have something on his family? What explains the PM’s reluctance?

  • Anne and Dave Marsden

    People have been removed from caucus for far less I.e the former AG for speaking truth to power. While similar situations in Municipal elections I.e interference in Municipal Elections was clearly understood by at least one MP who was the Minister of Democratic Institutions at the time responsible for ensuring all elections in Canada were above board, she washed her hands of any concern that her municipality’s elections and those running them and being elected must be above suspicion.

    As those elected inside or outside the rules must be in the decision making process that allocates city resources to meet the needs,not pie in the sky dreams, of families whose taxes maintain Burlington families standards of living.

    Currently city advertising, example Guelph Line entrance to Central Park, promises $300 per Neighborhood Street Party request that meets guidelines. These ads express a very poor level of sensitivity at a time we are exploring if we can afford to help out 1 000’s of taxpayers pay their tax bills. Please City Councillors demand these ads are removed NOW.

  • Michael Hribljan

    Just another (maybe two) nail(s) in the coffin for the worst government in Canadian history. Since the PM won’t release names (and they will be forced to in time), we can only speculate, so here goes.

    Any MP involved with the WEF, better than 75% chance are on the list, 80% chance our deputy PM is, given her Director role on WEF.

    Any MP involved with the UN, 50% probability – who worked/lead the failed bid for the UN Security Council seat in 2019?

    Discussions at WEF and UN will be used as cover, good luck.

    Han Dong 98%, Ya’ara Saks, 90%.

    Less than two members from any other party, 90% probability, otherwise the names would be put forth as that could be used as cannon fodder.

    You only mention Libs and Cons, I’d guess 50% probability at least one NDP minister on the list, less than 10% probability Bloc MP.

    Green Party MP – does anyone care?

    So, until the names are released all we can do is make our assumptions – I’d say pretty good reason (aside from the obvious legal/moral/democratic/transparent/sunny ways) reasons to release the names.

  • Grahame

    One has to wonder why Pam Danoff quit.

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