Are there problems providing breakfast for school children? MP Gould gets scolded by the Breakfast Clubs of Canada

By Pepper Parr

July 21st, 2023



We don’t hear about problems in ensuring that public school children are not properly fed a breakfast each day.

However, Burlington MP Karina Gould, who is also the Minister of Families, appears to be having problems with the Breakfast Club of Canada

Burlington MP Karina Gould with Breakfast Clubs of Canada leadership

“We are hoping to maintain that rhythm for the rest of the year,” said Judith Barry co-founder and director of government relations for the Breakfast Club of Canada. “What we’ve been discussing so far, since January, is really the need for the federal government to not only advance the development of a national school food policy, but invest in the … program implementation for that policy.”

The Breakfast Club of Canada, which co-ordinates approximately 3,500 school nutrition programs across the country, took the top spot as the most active organization in federal lobbying between January and June.

During that time, the club filed 228 communication reports, based on a search of the federal lobbyists’ registry on July 20. That number of communication reports nearly reaches the club’s total for all of 2022, which was 233.

Driving the heavy lobbying activity for the club is a push for the federal government to follow through on a promise to implement a pan-Canadian policy to help more children receive nutritious food at school. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) made a commitment in the 2021 federal election campaign to invest $1-billion over five years towards a national school nutritious meal program, but the Liberals “still haven’t invested anything,” according to Barry.

Breakfast being readied for students at a Burlington public school.

We have not seen, or heard of any problems in Burlington, let’s see what the Gazette readership has to say.

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3 comments to Are there problems providing breakfast for school children? MP Gould gets scolded by the Breakfast Clubs of Canada

  • Michael Hribljan

    Tent cities are expanding in all Canadian cities since this government came to power, and were for the most part nonexistent prior to this government, yet our MP claims to have made real gains in poverty across Canada. Somehow, someone determined her to be qualified to speak on sustainable development at the UN, I suspect that did not include housing in blue taurpelon.

  • Jim Thomson

    Given that Burlington has one of the highest average household incomes in Canada, it isn’t surprising that this isn’t a big problem in the community.
    Low income people can’t afford to live in Burlington.