Are you prepared for an emergency? Probably not - might be a good idea.

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May 7th, 2023



Are you prepared for an emergency?

Would you have remembered to include a can opener in your kit?

Emergencies or disasters can happen at any time. Emergency Preparedness Week is May 7-13 this year, and the City of Burlington is encouraging all individuals and families to be prepared by making a plan, building a 72-hour kit and staying informed.

Make a plan
Make a plan for what you and your family will do in an emergency or disaster. Do you know what will you do if you can’t access your home or if your family is not together when a large emergency or disaster happens? What will you do if there is no electricity for an extended time in the winter?

It’s important that you and your family have a step-by-step action plan in case of emergencies. Involve all your family members in the planning process and remember to review and update your plan at least once a year.

Visit for more information about emergency preparedness, including a detailed emergency preparedness guide, preparedness information related to pets and several hazards, as well as directions on what to do if you are asked to evacuate or shelter-in-place during an emergency.

Build a 72-hour kit
Everyone should have basic essentials to last 72-hours in an emergency. It is recommended to keep your 72-hour kit in a location that is safe from flooding and easily accessible. Be sure to replace the food, water and medications in your kit before any of these items expire.

The following items are recommended for your 72-hour kit:
• A basic first-aid kit
• A battery-powered radio
• A small amount of cash
• Blankets
• Copies of your important documents
• Flashlights and batteries
• Warm clothes
• A one-week supply of medications for your family and pets
• A three-day supply of non-perishable food
• Twelve litres of water per person

Stay informed
Stay informed by following trust-worthy sources of information. The City’s social media (@cityburlington), online newsfeeds and Service Burlington (905-335-7777) will be updated frequently during large-scale emergencies. To subscribe to the City’s newsfeeds, visit

Another way to stay informed is by subscribing to Alert Burlington, which is Burlington’s public notification system for community emergencies. Residents and anyone who works within Burlington are encouraged to subscribe to Alert Burlington.

In the event of a large-scale community emergency, Alert Burlington will send important messages by text, email or recorded phone message to anyone who subscribes and lives or works within the affected area(s). Messages can also be sent out in several languages, depending on your communication preferences.

To register, go to You will be asked to create an account with your name, address and mobile phone number, land-line phone number and/or email address.

For those who have registered for Alert Burlington in the past year, Emergency Preparedness Week is the perfect opportunity to log into your Alert Burlington profile and confirm that your information remains up-to-date. More information is available at

Information Booths
During Emergency Preparedness Week, the Fire Department will have information booths throughout the City, including at various community centres, Burlington Centre Mall and the Central Branch of Burlington Public Library. Residents and visitors can stop by to learn more about emergency preparedness.

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