Asbestos removal at former Bateman site well underway - word asbestos now being used UPDATED

By Staff

July 29th, 2023



This article had material added after it was first published.

A reader has advised us that: The U.S. Department of Labor as well as the U.S. EPA and Oregon DEQ define an ACM as “any material containing more than 1% asbestos.”

An update on the work being done at the former Bateman High School site.

Some readers will recall the difficulty Alan Magi had speaking the words “asbestos removal”, – suggesting, we thought at the time, that it wasn’t that big a problem.

The builder who won the contract to refurbish the former high school and the company that is removing the asbestos have their signs at the entrance gate.

Well the signage on the site now makes it pretty clear that the removal of the asbestos is a dangerous job and everyone is warned to Keep Out.

Construction seems to be well underway but we didn’t actually see anyone doing any work. There were some people gathered around jury-rigged drafting table and there were a bunch of very large white bags with the letters ACM in red. Anyone know what might be in those bags?

The lettering on the bags suggests it could have something to do with the asbestos removal.

Site is a cancer and lung disease hazard. Keep out

The city has located its Sign Production Services  in one of the spaces that will eventually be leased by the Halton District School Board. 

There are signs at almost every entrance to the work site warning of the dangers from asbestos – cause cancer and lung damage.  During Standing Committee meetings the words asbestos was basically verboten.

What used to be the entrance to the high school

Eastern end of the site

At a cost of $100 million, according to the Mayor, this is what the community hub, that has yet to be given a name, will look like.

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4 comments to Asbestos removal at former Bateman site well underway – word asbestos now being used. UPDATED

  • Don’t know exactly what is in the containers but ACM likely means “Asbestos Contaminated Material”.

  • Lynn Crosby

    If my memory serves, I recall one of the complaints made to the integrity commissioner by Rory and Kelvin against Shawna – did they write those complaints themselves, I often ask – was that the fact of the presence of asbestos was “out” in the community because someone mentioned it on social media, and then the absurd leap was made that Stolte must have told them and this was a secret. Of course the fact that this was known for years in said community and regularly posted about was ignored. This particular complaint, tossed out by the commissioner along with I believe two more complaints, was very telling to me. Really some very odious goings on at council.

    I assume nobody has apologized to Shawna for that one either?

    • Keeping asbestos secret before spending our money on this property is ludicrous and contrary to every place of legislation and the City Code of Good Governance ever written. Rise up people who have the power of the vote in your hands and demonstrate in whatever way you can you have had it with secrecy vs transparency that legislation and the City Corporate policies emphatically state we are entitled to.