Bay Observer headlines revolt at Burlington City Hall

By Pepper Parr

March 22nd, 2024



What does this do to our Best Small City in the Country to live in?

A screen shot from an edition of the Bay Observer.

The reputation of the city and the Mayor of the city is being ravaged.

This isn’t going to help attract the talent the city needs to begin to get more shovels into the ground.

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1 comment to Bay Observer headlines revolt at Burlington City Hall

  • David

    A struggle for power within the Queen’s chamber as her once loyal and bought council descends into a factious rabble with the Walsingham(ish) Sharman playing all sides to the middle, will civic square see the scaffold erected with the peasants left wondering who will fall victim to the executioners axe? What fate awaits the peasantry when all is said and done? Will life get better or will the peasants still be seen as revolting?