What has the Gazette done for ?

The Washington Post has a phrase – “Democracy dies in Darkness”. Shining the light of informed reporting describes what we at the Gazette try to do each day.  We believe that informed people can make appropriate, responsible decisions, but without the necessary information, they will often blindly fail.

What has the Gazette done for you? Perhaps less than we would have liked or intended but probably more than you realize.

We were the newspaper that broke the story about the illegal dumping of land fill at the Air Park in the northern part of the city.

We were the newspaper that was on top of the construction of The Pier – we followed that story from the first build right through to the second build – the city basically paid for The Pier twice.

We were the newspaper that broke the story of the closing of Emma’s Back Porch – that story set our record for the most readers in one day.

We were the people that pushed to get a copy of the presentation of the two structures that were to replace the existing Waterfront Hotel.

We were the newspaper that repeatedly highlighted the innovations that Plan B put before the City Planners and got their attention assuring the public that developments would not block the view of the lake from the foot of Brant Street.

We cover the Burlington and area municipal elections better than anyone else – the readership numbers support that fact.

The Gazette covered the Halton District School Board decision to close two of the city’s seven high schools – and followed what has happened to the one high school purchased to convert into a community hub.

Our search engine lets any reader enter a word or a phrase and get everything we ever wrote about anyone or anything that was in the news. Everything we ever published is still online and searchable.

We publish daily – on occasion we take a bit of a break on a weekend or holiday but that has been rare.

What has the Gazette done for you ? What can you do for the Gazette ?

To a large degree it is a labour of love – but it is also a resource intensive business.  We need your support to continue. Become a Patron and help us give you news that you don’t get anywhere else.


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