Become one of the decision makers.

By Pepper Parr

August 27th, 2023



How do I get involved?

Who makes the decisions?

And how can I be a part of that group that makes the decisions?

It’s not quite that simple – but it isn’t really all that difficult.

At this very moment the province of Ontario is going through a very difficult time.

Premier Doug Ford with his Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Clark

The Premier of the province has let a situation get out of hand.  Did he collude with a group of developers to permit some of the land they owned within the Greenbelt boundary to take the land out of the boundary so that it could be used to build much needed housing or did he genuinely not know what was going on in one of his Ministries?  There are widely different opinions on that issue with many, maybe a majority at this point, calling for the Premier and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to resign.

The Premier certainly isn’t going to resign and given that the next provincial election is three years off – his job isn’t at risk.  The Minister of Municipal Affairs might manage to hang on for a month or so, but my opinion is that his days are numbered.

Bonnie Crombie, a leadership candidate, speaking to Burlington Liberals.

To maintain that he wasn’t aware of what his Chief of Staff was doing is reason enough for him to resign.

While all this is going on with the government of the day, the provincial Liberal Party is in the process of deciding who the next leader is going to be.  There are currently five people, four men and one woman in the race to be leader.

The voting for a new leader will get made late in November.

But today, Sunday August the 27th you, anybody for that matter, can become a member of the Burlington Provincial Liberal Association.

Live in the riding and be at least 14 years of age.

The closing date for new members is September 11th.  If you want to join – fill in the form using this link.  There is no fee

You will get a regular stream of information and you will be asked to donate.  You don’t have to.

You will get to hear from all the candidates.

That is how you get involved; that is how you become one of the decision makers.

Each of the political parties has a membership program.  At the moment the Provincial Liberals are the only ones with a very active program.



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1 comment to Become one of the decision makers.

  • Joe Gaetan

    I like the concept of being able to join a political party for the express purpose of choosing the party leader. Such a vote can have higher value than casting a vote during the next election cycle. And, the opportunity does not come by that often.