Big debt, nice building: public engagement after the big decisions are made

By Pepper Parr

December 9th, 2022



We know who the players are.

Brock University

Burlington Public Library


Halton District School Board

City of Burlington Operations & Recreation and Community Culture programs involving the Triple gymnasium and amenities

We know that the price is well over $70 million and that a significant amount of debt is going to be taken on.

We now know that the track at the back of the property is going to be turned into a walking trail – space is needed for parking.

So far there has been little in the way of public engagement – that is planned for sometime in January.

What does the place look like?

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

We will get back to the details.

Some impressive changes are planned for what the building will look like when it is completed. During a full half day of discussion the word asbestos wasn’t heard once.

Lounge area at ground level – stairs to Brock University space

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4 comments to Big debt, nice building: public engagement after the big decisions are made

  • Grahame

    Good plan IMHO.Assume the city will be able to pay dept via leasing to the various players e.g. Brock ,HDSB.

  • Hans Jacobs

    Looking on the “bright side”, this is one small part of Burlington that probably won’t get filled with ridiculously high towers. The quantitative cost is substantial but the cost of not proceeding would be much higher in qualitative terms. Asbestos could be an issue but is not necessarily a big problem – removal is not always required if it is in good condition and accessible for coating application. Future generations will benefit the same way as the current generation benefits from, for example, the decision to create the RBG by people with foresight.

  • Andy Raithby

    A wonderful and much needed addition to Burlington’s east end

  • Renato Velocci

    End in and of a good city is near and no no rispect for taxpayers of Burlington.
    Spend and Tax, Tax and spent. It beems that the last municipal election was already decided even before the election day.