Black Lives do Matter and this is the month to make that point every chance you get.

By Pepper Parr

February 1st, 2023


On the 30th of January, at 3:00 am I made the decision to cease publishing.

I had to come to the conclusion that I just did not have the financial resources that were needed to continue.

The comments made by readers of the Gazette were appreciated. A number of people congratulated me on “my retirement.” This was not a retirement.

The runway had come to an end – continuing with the financial resources available was no longer possible even though readership was setting new records every month

Since the announcement, a number of people have asked: How can we help ? So there will be conversations in the days ahead. I am required to keep the newspaper “in print” for a number of days; so whatever I was doing in the past I will be doing for a little longer.

February is celebrated as Black History Month.

Special events take place, a Declaration is read by the Mayor at City Council meetings and events are organized by the Black community.

A number of years ago a group held a dinner and dance; I was expecting to see people doing the “limbo” and other West Indian dances. No such luck. For the most part it was slow waltzing. Food was good.

There are flags flown during Pride Days, Terry Fox Days and on days that Aboriginal events take place – so far no flag to celebrate the Black Community.

Well over 1000 people descended on City Hall to declare very loudly that Black Lives Matter

A number of years ago more than 1000 people, young people for the most part, marched on city and sat on Brant Street and in Civic Square.

Black Lives Matter statement done in chalk on the sidewalk outside city hall.

Sometime later large chalk graphics were drawn on the sidewalk in front of city hall with the words Black Lives Matter – and indeed they do.

When we look south and read of the carnage that is being done to the Black people we shudder and hope that this type of thing never happens in our country and our city.

It is when the public goes out of its way to recognize and celebrate people of colour and ensure that they have the same benefits and opportunity as the result of us.

This is the month to do as much as you can to make a difference and ensure that Black Lives do Matter

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