BPAC and Sound of Music - that's a No Brainer

By Pepper Parr

March 12th, 2024



When the question was put to a senior person at city hall the answer was – that’s a “no-brainer”.

The situation Tammy Fox was considering was a tighter working relationship with Sound of Music (SoM).  For the most part the Performing Arts Centre didn’t have all that much going when the SoM was taking place – why not make the two stages available to them?

And why couldn’t Fox handle much of the talent that SoM attracts.  She knows, better than a lot of people, who is who in the arts and entertainment world.

Before taking on the management of a performing arts centre she was an agent for a significant number of actors, singers, musicians – experience that was badly needed at SoM

The conversations with the SoM people went very well.

The public won’t see much in the way of detail until SoM is closer to announcing their 2024 program.

There is a lot of upside and not much in the way of downside.

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