BPAC wants a cool million – just to keep the doors open

The Performing Art Centre may have to do a bit of a tap dance to get city council to go along with their ask for a subsidy that is just short of $1million.
Mayor says he can live with it – Councillor Meed Ward say – not now.

More detailed story here.

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3 comments to BPAC wants a cool million – just to keep the doors open

  • Penny Hersh

    GET REAL….Burlington does not have the money to give to BPAC. The tax levy that is going to pay our share for the Joseph Brant Hospital will never be lifted. After that commitment it will go to pay for the underfunded infrastructure. Councils both past and present have been unable to attract business to the downtown core, so our taxes will continue to rise. Our transit system does not serve the needs of the residents. The parking and traffic situation in the core is horrendous, and councils answer is to convert turning lanes into bicycle lanes.

    This money could be better spent in improving the quality of living for ALL residents of Burlington. Arts and Culture is important, but not at all costs. In the real world one has to make choices..It seems very easy for Council to spend taxpayer dollars.

  • Donna Zaffino

    All levels of government have been erroding Arts and Culture funding for years. Burlington Council needs to lead the way to prove to the other 2 or even 3 levels of govt that Arts & Culture IS important to for a strong supportive society.

    Sadly, television and sporting events have taken over our societies.

  • Walter Mulkewich

    This is not a subsidy!! It is a cost of providing a community cultural centre and performing arts centre that makes Burlington a vibrant, libale, and desirable community