Brant Plaza Canada Post outlet to close April 6th - grassroots effort in place to change the decision

By Pepper Parr

February 26th, 2022



We have learned that the Brant Plaza Postal Outlet located inside the Pharmasave in the No Frills plaza is closing.

Pharmacy stays – post outlet due to close April 6th

This was not a store decision.  Canada Post issued the order effective April 6th.

A resident described it as a “Very sad as it’s a very busy outlet.  An integral part of the downtown core. “

A grassroots campaign to save the outlet has started by with people texting 55555 with the words SURVEY or by going to

You have to use the outlets number 105314  when inputting the survey data.  At the end they can put in a comment

A Canada Post outlet on Brant closed a number of months ago – that operation was shifted to the Bridgewater development.  It is inside the tower on the east side – very small sign.

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14 comments to Brant Plaza Canada Post outlet to close April 6th – grassroots effort in place to change the decision

  • Joe Gaetan

    Too bad, they had “GREAT:” service. I will not be going to “Bridgewater” to send my packages.

  • Andrew

    Rob — thanks for the info on Peter. Nice to put a face to comments.

    As for where you pick up your mail. Some insight to that..

    Parcels will not be delivered to the Canada Post Office at Pearl and Lakeshore unless you use Flex Delivery. If the parcel is carded you will either go to Maplehurst if West of Brant St. or Roseland if East of Brant St.

    That boundary will change in June (approx) when a new postal outlet will open at Mapleview Mall in the Shoppers there.

  • Rob

    Peter Rusin, before you say that “Burlington is full of whiners and complainers” you should come clean and admit that you have a conflict of interest.

    Specializing in a wide range of real property consulting, advisory, appraisal, and property acquisition and negotiation services for all public sector levels of government, government agencies, and private sector clients, Peter Rusin has served a diverse clientele throughout the Province of Ontario since 1988.

  • Rob

    The Brant Plaza Post Office has parking and most who live downtown can walk to it. The new one in The Bridgewater has no public parking and walking there especially in the Winter and in strong winds is not convenient.

  • Peter Rusin

    One thing for sure, there are too many seniors in downtown complaining about everything.

  • Andrew

    It is very sad this location is closing Now the only postal outlets are at Maplehurst or Roseland. Very hard for seniors to get there.

  • Penny Hersh

    I live across the street from the new postal station located in the Bridgewater Development on Lakeshore/Pearl. Currently, no packages were being delivered to that location. We could send parcels, packages, buy stamps etc. but that was all. As noted, the signage is very small and if you did not know it was there you could easily not know about it.

    The people working in the facility are very nice and very helpful. I did ask how many people worked there and was told one full time and one part-time person. When entering a doorbell goes off to tell the employees, who are working in the back, that someone has entered the premises. They then come out to serve you. The outlet is small.

    If this outlet becomes a full service post office, by that, I mean people will be able to pick up packages, etc. it could be problematic for some. There is very limited parking and ongoing construction in the area.

    If this facility does not provide pickup for parcels, etc. where in this area would people have to go to get their parcels, registered letters, government documents etc.?

  • Peter Rusin

    Why is Burlington so full of whiners and complainers; there’s a war going on. Don’t worry so much about your tough life on the shores of lake ontario.

    • Andrew

      I guess we were left too long nursing Peter. Hope you are ok. It must be hard to breath up there in the stratosphere. I don’t see anyone whining.

  • Bill Davidson

    This Postal Outlet is Very Important to a Large Senior Population in the Downtown Core …. Many who have Ambulatory Problems & Other Health Challenges!!! Government Representatives at All Levels Should be Involved in This Decision & Respond Vocally & Demonstrate With Positive Action to Keep This Necessary Service Available to All !!!

  • Penny Hersh

    A new postal outlet was opened on the street level of the tower of the Bridgewater Development a few months ago. This postal outlet replaced the one on Brant Street that was closed.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    so where do people go now to pick there Mail.

  • steven craig gardner

    I thought this whole plaza had been sold or am I mistaken? If so Canada Post is just early in closing.