BTTB to perform twice on April 2, at Performing Arts Centre

By Staff

March 25th, 2023



They will return to the city that is their home after a fabulous tour in Ireland where they won top prize as Best Band in both Dublin and Limerick, Ireland – that last one in driving rain.

The sliding glass doors on the east side of the Performing Arts Centre are opened wide allowing the BTTB to flow into the building celebrating the day they officially took up residence.

The Band will perform at the Performing Arts Centre on Sunday April 2nd, at both 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

The Band was formed in 1947 and has a very large alumni association; many members met while in the band, married fellow band members and raised kids that became band members as well.  It is something the city is very proud of – rightfully so.


There isn’t a major parade in North America the BTTB hasn’t taken part in.  They have performed around the world and serve as the true Ambassadors for the city.


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1 comment to BTTB to perform twice on April 2, at Performing Arts Centre

  • Grahame

    I am all in and so proud of this band.Went to school with the founders (Elgin Corlett)kids 60 years ago.