Budget increase lands at 7.52% after starting at 7.08%

By Pepper Parr

February 6th, 2023


It took a bit of time but before they went home at very close to 10:00 pm, they did lower the tax increase to 7.52% – down from the 7.67%

Budget deliberations started at 7.08%

The upside is that they managed to get the whole thing done in a single day – they admittedly they got a little on the silly side in the last few hours.

There is a lot to comment on in this budget – we will leave that to another day.

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6 comments to Budget increase lands at 7.52% after starting at 7.08%

  • Michael Hribljan

    Its February, I suspect most residents of Burlington are not paying attention to this. Completely irresponsible and not following what residents told the city, this is a far left government and following the lead of “tax and spend” at the Federal level. Once this gains traction look out. In the mean time I’ll enjoy owning properties in an upscale community that is pricing many out (tongue-in-cheek).

  • Krista R

    The coyotes are treated better than taxpayers. They can walk around on 3 legs and go wherever, but lose your home and pop a tent your gone. Lots of cheap homes for sale soon.

  • Joe Gaetan

    The Burlington “Complete Budget Book” will be completed when the City adds, Section 10: A City that Spends.

  • Will R J Pugh

    Is there any place where we can see what the year over year increase history has been for both the city and the region? I’m am trying to understand whether this increase in population over the past 20 years has delivered any economies of scale for the taxpayer

  • Ernest Dufresne

    Where can I locate my tent close to downtown as I love this location? On fix income and those high tax increases money is scarce!

  • David

    They can spin it all they like but it comes down to wages and benefits for city employees (what is it that requires so many employees again)