Burlington Conservative Association holding Town Hall meetings

By Staff

February 17th, 2023



Those who spend time paying close attention to local politics are getting more involved.

The Burlington Association has planned a series of Town Hall type events, the first of which will take place on Saturday the 25th.

The association is reported to have 2800 members. A Director of the association added that the significant increase in the membership was the result of the recent leadership contest that made Pierre Poilievre the leader of the party.

The EXECUTIVE: Debbie Sova – President / CEO; – Vice President: Chris Cottingham – Secretary: Robert Whittaker – Financial Agent: Jackson Carter – Executive Director: Laurie Allan – Executive Director: Nathan Zych – Executive Director: Marilyn Hunter – Past President

DIRECTORS: Wayne Brown, Norman Cheng, David Cherry, Connor Clark, Edward Dinca, Dennis Downs, Colette Ertel, Mark Fedak, Ron Finnigan, Camila Gutierrez, Dani Heroux, Kassia McLaren, Tamanna Prashar, Cailin Rodgers, Wayne Shiplo, Lorne Stewart, Christine Wei, Stephen White, Stephen Wishart, Charles Zach

Candidate of Record:  Emily Brown

The association is not just a get out the vote operation – they take part in community events and have laid claim to a part of a part of Appleby Line, north of Harvester Road that they Clean up every year – been doing it since 2005.

They have held Pints and Politics events as well as a Christmas Party.

This past few years they have held fund raising events for the Ukrainian community.

The Town Hall events are part of an initiative to raise issues that impact people directly and personally.  Rental rates in Burlington are hurting people and there is no relief in sight.  The federal government is bringing in more than 400,000 immigrants each year for a number of years.  Those people are needed to fill the jobs that are being created – the down side is the housing they need just isn’t in place yet.

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