Burlington election race is very tight

By Jason Octavo

May 18th, 2022



The Gazette assigned a reporter to learn how people in Burlington are handling the election for the next provincial government.

The assignment was to approach people and ask four questions:

Q1 Do you know there is going to be an election in June?

Q2 Do you know anything about the issues?

Q3 Are you going to vote? (If not – why note)

Q4 Would you like to say who you will vote for?

We captured the following additional data:

Male or female

Under 40 – over 40

Do they live in Burlington?

The interviews took place at GO stations, outside supermarkets, outside LCBO retail outlets, in Spencer Smith Park and the malls.

The results to date.

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3 comments to Burlington election race is very tight

  • Marilyn Ortwein

    I would like to vote in the advanced poll. I live in Aldershot and the closest polling station is the Burlington Art Gallery, which has paid parking. I called the gallery to see if one had to pay for parking and she stated that you had to pay. She had questioned this decision and was told that anyone using the lot would have to pay even if you were only there to vote. I find this ridiculous. There is not an advanced polling station West of King Road.

  • Penny Hersh

    As they say – it’s not over until it’s over. All the polling never accounts for the silent majority.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Looks like the undecided voter will determine who wins the local contest. Overall… the writer is predicting the Liberals will once again become the official opposition.