Burlington is where the Premier and a number of the Greenbelt developers celebrated the wedding of a daughter

By Pepper Parr

August 29th, 2023



In a statement released by Leader of the Opposition Marit Stiles said

“This is not the first time a developer has used the Ford government’s “housing tools” for speculation and profit.

“In fact, a close contact of the Premier recently made windfall profits after getting special zoning orders to build on farmland with a strip of the Greenbelt running through it.

“This developer, Shakir Rehmatullah of Flato Developers, was on the guest list for the Ford family wedding and is closely connected with the Premier’s former right-hand-man Amin Massoudi.”

The room where large expensive weddings take place. Fabulous location.

The event took place at the Pearle Hotel and Spa which is part of the Bridgewater development in downtown Burlington.

“Yet, the government gave little to no response when that sale was made public by the Toronto Star.

“Earlier this year, prolific donor and another close contact of the Conservative Party, Silvio De Gasperis, who owns the historic Dominion Foundry Site, received an MZO to begin demolition of the site only to turn it into a parking lot.

“This closely connected developer continues to make profit while new housing is still nowhere to be seen, despite this government insisting that the MZO was issued to increase housing supply.”

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2 comments to Burlington is where the Premier and a number of the Greenbelt developers celebrated the wedding of a daughter

  • Tom Muir

    Ford did say recently that he was “confident that the RCMP would not find any criminality in it’s investigation”.

    Are we supposed to be reassured by his word of confidence on that?

    I don’t think the prosecuting attorneys at the RCMP are going to readily find evidence for an indictment that they will prosecute. Charging criminality is a very high bar in this case.

    That comment by Ford is easy for him to make.

    The AG said enough for me on the finances and who is who.
    I do believe we only need to accept such ethical and morals based words as; dishonesty, unscrupulousness, deceit, deception, and manipulation, by people in power, as accurately characterizing this Greenbelt dealing on its face.

    Findings like that get my vote of confidence easily. That’s what it looks like to me and I believe it is.

    Inferences based on the facts and truth of discovery are needed.

    So RCMP investigate away.

  • Jane

    Ford is just corrupt and he needs to go!