Burlington Mayor has the capacity to speak out of both sides of her mouth

By Pepper Parr

November 14th, 2023



You really can’t have it both ways but Mayor Marianne Meed Ward will continue to try.



On June 16th Mayor Meed Ward said after the announcement that Strong Mayor powers were going to be given to 50 some odd mayors. These tools are not something I have requested. My focus has always been on building a strong city and a strong collaborative Council.

At that time she also said:

Each mayor will need to decide

what is best for their community in meeting their housing pledge targets,

and whether to use some, all, or none of these new tools.

In correspondence from the Office of the Mayor constituents get mail with this sentence: “As part of new Provincial legislation, Mayors are now required to compile and present budgets for their municipalities.”

Well which is it Marianne?

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4 comments to Burlington Mayor has the capacity to speak out of both sides of her mouth

  • Mira

    You are right…our politicians are increasingly ignoring who they represent and making their own rules. Why do you need all this info bellow just for me to leave a comment?!

  • Lynn Crosby

    Mayors and council members who value democracy turned down the strong mayor powers.

    Burlington’s not only took them – council members also saying sure, we’re good with this (?!) – but they all now keep repeating this untruth that the mayor was “required by provincial legislation” to do her own budget. Rory said the same thing at his ward budget meeting last week. I raised my hand and corrected that. It was said on the Mayor’s Faux Town Hall, and in scores of her posts and media statements. All of council is parroting the same line. The fact is, the Mayor CHOSE to take these powers. Big difference.

    What’s that George Costanza line: “it’s not a lie if you believe it.” Is this where we are in Burlington?

  • Sharon Dickerson

    Times and she have changed. Super powers are not democratic