Burlington MP Karina Gould highlights what the government is doing about improving the passport renewal service and the Child Care program

By Staff

June 7th, 2022



Here’s what Karina Gould had to say in the House of Commons yesterday.

Burlington MP Karina Gould speaking in the House of Commons

Responding to a Member from New Brunswick, who had issues with the way the government was managing the Child Care benefit program, Burlington MP Karina Gould said:

Mr. Speaker, the member knows very well that in his province of New Brunswick, we have now reduced child care fees by 50%. In fact, that leaves hundreds of dollars each month in the pockets of the mothers he is talking about.

When it comes to the Canada child benefit, for a single mom, that could mean almost $7,000 a year. That is real money for families that need it when it comes to the high cost of living.

We have been there since 2015, and we will continue to be there for them every step of the way.

Later in the same day Gould tackled the problem with the Passport service.  Thanking a different colleague for a different question related to the problem people have had getting passports renewed Gould said:Gould said:

Mr. Speaker, it is really reassuring to hear the Bloc talk about Canadian passports. We are in the process of hiring more employees. Since January, 600 employees have been hired. We are now hiring another 600, and 600 Service Canada employees are being redeployed to ensure that we can better respond to Canadians’ needs.

We will continue to change the process because we know that it is important for all Canadians across the country to have access to their passports.

As we know, this is an unprecedented time, when many Canadians want to travel at the same time. Many passports expired over the past two years, and we are in the process of ensuring that Canadians can travel because we know that is what they want to do.

As I have already mentioned in the House, many offices across the country are open in the evening and on Saturdays. We are doing what we can to provide this service to Canadians.

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3 comments to Burlington MP Karina Gould highlights what the government is doing about improving the passport renewal service and the Child Care program

  • Stephen White

    Well, the good thing about this crisis is that we’ve finally figured out what exactly Karina Gould’s Ministry is responsible for. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why the federal government needs a “Minister of Families, Children and Social Development” for something that is a provincial responsibility. Until now I thought she was Justin Trudeau’s Paymaster who just handed out cheques.

  • Ted Gamble

    Isn’t about time that Ms. Gould held a public meeting to ask constituents what they think about issues and the governments record? The canned responses are tiresome.

    The situation at the airports and with passports in a “developed” country are shocking and seriously damage our reputation, tourism and business. This was easily foreseen. Start with removing the unjustifiable domestic and international travel restrictions for millions of Canadians.

  • Phil Waggett

    Karina Gould continues to spew Liberal pablum–it does not appear that she directly answered the questions. What else is new?