Burlington Pan Am torch runner gets goose bumps when she thinks about the event; her parents are flying in from Calgary to watch.

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June 1, 2015


She has one of those million dollar smiles, is thistle thin and she is pumped.

Ashley Worobec, a practicing chiropractor in Burlington and is this city’s representative in the Pan Am Games torch run.

Ashley Worobec - hair flying H&S

When the public sees Ashley Worobec she will be wearing a Pan Am Torch Relay uniform and carrying the Relay torch.

Ashley originally thought she was going to be running quite a length – turns out this marathon runner will get to do about 200 metres – from the Discovery pond at the foot of Spencer’s on the Waterfront to the Pier. Even that she isn’t all that sure about.

“I don’t have my uniform yet or my information package so I’m really not that clear on the details.”

Ashley is clear on this though – she wants to represent Burlington well.” I don’t want to drop the torch any anything like that.”

Ashlet Worobec tieing shoes

Three year old daughter Casey looks on while Mom does up her running she laces.

Originally a native of Calgary where she studied at the University of Calgary and then completed her chiropractic training, she is now a proud resident of the city where her husband is a high school teacher who coaches football.

“We are a fitness household” said the mother of two children who lives in the Orchard.

Ashley plans to talk to people as she does her portion of the Pan Am torch run. “I won’t be running very fast” she said

“My parents are flying in from Calgary to watch the run that will last minutes. I get goose bumps when I think about it” she added.

Ashley is a competitive marathon runner who realizes that this gig is going to amount to not much more than a jog – doesn’t matter – Ashley is pumped.

Ashley is on staff at the Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic

She was nominated by a neighbour – “I didn’t even know they had put my name forward.”

Pan Am Torch parade route

Pan Am Torch Relay route. Starting time is late in the afternoon.

The Burlington portion of the run starts at Brant and Leighland and works its way through the city to Spencer Smith Park where the Sound of Music will be taking.

Ashley Worobec represents the city – there are other people representing the province; others still representing the federal government, the stakeholders and the sponsors.  Matters not to Ashley “I am representing Burlington and I want to do proud by the city.”

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2 comments to Burlington Pan Am torch runner gets goose bumps when she thinks about the event; her parents are flying in from Calgary to watch.

  • Virley Gulbransen

    Congratulations Ashley! What a great honor…what great memories. Have fun… we’ll be thinking about you all. Love, Virley & Vern

  • Melba Veer

    Congratulations Ashley!!!!! We are soooo proud of you and wish you well as you represent Burlington as Torch Bearer!!! These pictures are soooo precious and this event will live in your memory and so many others forever!!! Have a great time!!! Hugs and Love, Brian and Melba