Burlington Tories have alerted their membership - get ready for a candidate nomination meeting

By Staff

January 27th, 2024



Do the federal Conservatives in Burlington know something the rest of us don’t know?

They have put their members on notice – nominations for the Tory candidate will take place in the near future.

Here is the notice they published:


Early Connections: Are you interested in voting in the nomination or representing our Riding? Make sure you are an active Conservative Party Member and get involved with our Riding Association early. This way, you’ll be well-informed, have participated and will be ready for the Nomination announcement.
Just this past year our Association planned and held 13 events for Members and Non-Members.

Nomination Applicants: Members who meet the criteria and have been engaged can apply to be a candidate. Some may have already applied.
Those wishing to seek the nomination are able to campaign by selling memberships to those they know or meet.
Approved Nomination Applicants will receive a Membership List after the Close and only then will they be able to reach out to Members by phone, email and door knocking. Using a list ahead of approval may lead to disqualification.
That only happens when the Riding Closes.

Announcement Time: The Conservative Party will issue a Closing Notice to every active CPC member in our Burlington Riding, when they decide the time is right. Two weeks after that notice is given, the Riding will CLOSE.

Use of Membership List: Only Nomination Applicants who are approved by the Party when the Riding Closes, will be given a Riding Membership List with permission to contact those members, as per 8) a) of the ‘Rules & Procedures for Candidate Nomination’:

  • If an Applicant is approved to contest the Nomination, the Executive Director or their designate must provide a copy of the list of current members to the Applicant current as of the date of the Closing Notice.

When the Riding is Closed: If at the Close of nominations there is only one approved Contestant, that person will be acclaimed as the Candidate. If there are two or more approved Contestants, then there will be a Nomination Vote at a Nomination Meeting.

Stay tuned for more updates!
Burlington Conservative Association

With the notice out time to take a look at who the potential candidates are.

The people running the Brown campaign let their candida t be positioned as a gun advocate. Had they let her speak she could have corrected that.

We will see the same face – hopefully the message will reveal the real person – she isn’t the gun advocate – a hobbyist – nothing more.

Expect to see Emily Brown seeking the nomination.  She was the candidate last time around.  Unfortunately the people directing the campaign let Brown be positioned as a gun advocate.   She is a member of a gun club and is quite a marksman – for her it was a hobby that she enjoyed and was good at.

The public never really got to see the woman who happens to have a lot going for her as an academic and a business person.  Her campaign didn’t benefit from the Conservative Party decision to literally hide their candidates – no debates, no interviews – just photographs of an attractive woman.

Expect to see others come out of the woods to put their name forward.


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4 comments to Burlington Tories have alerted their membership – get ready for a candidate nomination meeting

  • Dan

    Emily Brown is one of the most intelligent, generous and honest persons I have ever met. She is what Ottawa needs. Her integrity is infectious and will seep through this disaster of a Karina Gould/Trudeau/Singh corrupt socialist nanny state train wreck of a Liberal government. Bring it on Emily and bring it home….CONSERVATIVE with honour.

    Emily would be wonderful – it is the idiot that leads the Conservatives at this point that scares me.

  • David

    I’m a Conservative member and donor, iv’e heard Emily speak at a business event; Emily will be sure to get my vote.

  • Eve St Clair

    Here we go again where you totally ignore the Conservative candidate on record,Emily Brown . Last election your coverage of her was atrocious almost like Karina Gould told you what to write . Please do better tis time around and have some fair and equal coverage.

    Ladies – you have to put your glasses on before you start reading. There are TWO pictures of Emily Brown. We are not aware of any other candidate at this point.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Are we going to talk policy versus whether a candidate is more like Anne of Green Gables or Annie Oakley? I do appreciated the “Peoples Magazine” touch that the BG employs at times. Having said that maybe the mostly unnamed person referred to as “Brown”, would make a good Minister of Defence. Oops I just saw her full name between the photos. Its Emily Brown.