Burlingtonians are voting despite some glitches at the online level and surprisingly high turnout at the Advance Polls

By Staff

October 16th, 2022



The people of Burlington have begun to cast their ballots – both online and at the advance polling stations.

The Gazette is getting reports of problems with voting online and the surprising number of people who are taking advantage of the advance polls.

One reader reported a “usability” review/check performed on his vote and wondered if “the server been overwhelmed with users wishing to cast their votes? “

The problem seemed to be affecting a number of residents of different ages, and experience with computers and online services.

Voting at the Seniors’ Centre was brisk and went smoothly

Things were quite different at the Advance Polls. Reports from voting at the Seniors’ Centre had people lining up both inside and in the voting area.

The staff greeter mentioned that the line had been steady all morning and into the afternoon. One voter said it took a mere five minutes to get in to vote at 2:15 in the after. He thought that overall Advance Voting went pretty smoothly.

The Gazette has a reporter out on the streets interviewing people in each of the wards.

The city has yet to release any data on the number of people who have voted on line and what the turnout was at the Advance Poll locations.

Residents have heard what the City Clerk thought of the process and the provincial legislation he has to work with.

Kevin Arjoon, City Clerk is responsible for the operation of the municipal election.

Mr Arjoon has certainly chosen a novel way to express himself.

Online voting will be available until until October. 20 at https://evoteburlington.ca .

The Advance polls will be open again on:

Tuesday, Oct. 18, 10am-8pm

Vote at any one of the following locations.

Appleby Ice Centre, 1201 Appleby Line
Burlington Seniors’ Centre, 2285 New Street
Tansley Woods Community Centre. 1996 Itabashi Way

To vote, bring your Voter Information Letter and one piece of identification showing your name and address.

Acceptable identification includes:

Ontario Driver’s License
Ontario Health Card (if it includes your name and address)
Ontario Photo Card
Mortgage, lease or rental agreement
Insurance policy
Credit card statement
Bill for hydro, water, gas, telephone, internet



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7 comments to Burlingtonians are voting despite some glitches at the online level and surprisingly high turnout at the Advance Polls

  • fumiyo Heinig

    I have a great difficulty with online voting. I managed “registered”, but from there, nothing worked. The computer keep saying ‘you have already registered’, but does not say anything how I should proceed. I finally gave up.

    Fumiyo Heinig

  • Sharon

    Online voting was a breeze! First time I’ve ever voted online. Will definitely do it again. No line ups!!

  • Fred Hendriks

    No problem with Online voting for my wife and I.

  • I have had a report about voting on line for those whose voting cards are received at homes in Burlington and they no longer live there and could vote again from a new registered address like a retirement home or LTC or in a different city where they now live. I know it is possible as my mother voted for years at her Region Old Age and then Retirement home Allendale when she was not a Canadian citizen. The home administrator insisted that non-Canadian citizens could vote and she remained in her position for years after that. It took us years to get mother off the Voters LIst despite going through our MP (this was 2000 when it was discovered). The real issue of how many LTC residents should not be voting has never been addressed no matter how many times it is brought up 1. in terms of capacity and 2. because they do not have a legal right to vote or 3 someone voted for them online. We received a voting card for a relative who has not lived in Burlington for a decade. We know we tried to have him removed years ago! The Burlington Clerk’s biggest problem is gender pronouns so we know why we have the problems we have. How many votes are cast on line by those who receive the voter’s card and know they will never be caught!

  • It was very easy for my elderly neighbor but the younger one impossible as he never got his voting cards with the code you need! He has lived here through at least two municipal elections and never had a problem in te past!

  • Grahame Richards

    No problem with online voting

  • Steve W

    Online voting was easy for my wife and I.