Canada is now in the electric car business

By Staff

January 5th. 2023



The public got its first look at an all-Canadian electric vehicle that was designed, engineered and built through the joint efforts of our world-class automotive supply sector.

Eastern Canada has a work force that knows how to build cars, the country has the talent needed to design electric cars and, perhaps the most important part is that the country has the minerals needed to make the batteries that will propel the cars.

Not a lot of information at this point other than to say the industry is all in on this effort and tours of the prototypes will be on tour throughout Quebec, Ontario and several sates in America.


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5 comments to Canada is now in the electric car business

  • Joe Gaetan

    Yes, Canada, or should I say, a Canadian Auto Company, of which there are none, should be able to make an electric vehicle using the technology that is displayed in this vehicle. However, for those who are dreaming of a reprise of the “Bricklin”, back to the future car, that was made in Canada, I do not believe that was the intent of this project.
    The people that came up with this concept will now market those high-tech concepts to vehicle manufacturers around the world. So, instead of manufacturing one vehicle with all of these high tech and revolutionary components, APMA will be selling the technology or components whichever the case may be to vehicle manufacturers around the world who are interested in purchasing them. This approach will increase sales beyond what would have been realized had they decided to make the vehicle here in Canada. Having spent over 30 years in manufacturing, we can either be a thing-maker or a maker of things, kudos to APMA for what they have accomplished.

  • David

    Maybe we should call it the ‘Arrow’


    This is much more than minerals and batteries. This is about research, design and assembly of an actual vehicle. The primary payoff for Canada comes with our own research and development. Not somebody else’s.


    No time like the present. Golden opportunity to establish a Canadian vehicle in the World market.

  • Ted Gamble

    I am supportive, however to my knowledge there is not a producing lithium mine in Canada. Cobalt is/was recovered in the off gas from the Vale (INCO) nickel refinery in Sudbury. GM I believe has locked up some of the Sudbury (Vale) nickel. Before leaving readers the impression that these minerals are readily available do some more research please.

    The feds are siphoning money in a unrestricted way from general revenues $2 billion to start (up to $15 billion with absolutely no plan!)

    It is a massive petty cash fund called the “Canada Growth Fund” to be doled out In the readers opinion to largely Quebec interests to develop these critical minerals (there are examples) and further killing our “responsible” oil and gas industry that should be encouraged to grow to help fund needed infrastructure for further electrification projects in Canada, never mind the needs of our failing national health system.