City looking for input on renewing the playgrounds at Nelson Park and Millcroft Park

By Staff

July 28th, 2023



The City is getting ready to renew the playgrounds at Nelson Park and Millcroft Park.

First step will be to look for neighbourhood and city-wide input on the types of playground equipment residents would like to see in the two parks.

Online survey for both parks are open until Sept. 1.  Each member of the household is encouraged to submit their own survey. 

City staff will be collecting feedback at 8 p.m. in Nelson Park on Aug. 6 for Movies in the Park with Councillor Stolte before the movie begins at approximately 9 p.m. The movie playing will be Turning Red.

City staff will be at a Park Pop-up at Millcroft Park on Aug. 17, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. with Councillor Bentivegna to collect community feedback on the types of playground equipment residents would like.

A final concept will be created with the input gathered from the surveys and in-person feedback opportunities. Construction is expected to begin and be completed in 2024.

For more information on park renewals, or to complete the surveys, visit

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2 comments to City looking for input on renewing the playgrounds at Nelson Park and Millcroft Park

  • Chris Ariens

    I thought there was already a pump track at Nelson? Maybe I’m mistaken about what exactly Anne and Dave are referring to, but beside the pool there’s a dirt track with jumps, hills and mounds which is used by a lot of BMX riders. I completely agree with the sentiments in their comment.

  • Public are expressing themselves in media Letter to the Editor that confirms our position that giving feedback is an absolute waste of time in Burlington With the feedback requested for two parks including Nelson and Millcroft, we were about to organize all those who we know have a keen interest in biking and the new craze for exercise for all ages on Pump tracks to start sending in feedback. We should have at least two pump tracks installed this year given the size of our city and more coming. Nelson at the very least would be ideal for a pump track location. Very definitely Nelson could add it as a feature

    Anne used to be the Cyclepath National BMX team manager and Chair of the bringing a BMX track to Burlington Committee and took a Burlington team to the World Championships… She has kept up with the needs of both very young and very old bike riders who all participated in this sport.and their need to stay fit, summer and winter. We both see this as a health, safety and access issue. Driving to other municipalities is not the answer for the Burlington community when we know energy conservaion is a must. A fit community is important to us all. It helps keep our hospital beds from overflow status.

    Come on Burlington residents give the City no choice in proving us wrong. Inundate them with your support for a Pump track at Nelson this year at the very least!.