City Manager designate taking part in events with Meed Ward

By Staff

April 19th, 2024



He isn’t on the payroll yet but City Manager designate Haassan Basit took part in the Ontario Big City Mayors AGM/Conference where former Toronto Chief Planner Jennifer Keesmat  took part as a keynote speaker.

Premier Ford was on hand for the photo op.

Ms Keesmatt will be in Burlington I May where the Mayor hopes she is a strong enough attraction to fill the 700 seat Main Theatre at the Performing Arts.

From the left: Paul Sharman, Paul Calandra Minister of Municipal Affairs, Mayor Meed Ward, Kelvin Galbraith, Haassan Basit and Angelo Bentivegna.

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5 comments to City Manager designate taking part in events with Meed Ward

  • Albert

    And so he should, if he was absent from such an important meeting he would be criticized for that.
    Jennifer Keesmat, Toronto’s next mayor

  • Lynn Crosby

    Can our mayor wear something else for once.

    Agree with Joe and Penny. I’ve long been of the opinion that it’s all about the next election, almost everything our mayor does, every photo op, every media blast, every strategy, what gets done and what doesn’t – it’s simply campaigning, not governing. It is so tiresome. Then again we now know she doesn’t even support democracy in favour of her own power, so not surprised.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Other than promoting incumbents, what is the purpose of this photo? Is it any wonder ordinary everyday citizens have less chance than a snowball in hell of getting elected.

  • Penny

    What happened to the rest of council?

    Seems as if Councillor Galbraith is back in the good books.

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