City manager takes exception to our suggesting it was the Mayor who fired two senior staff members

By Pepper Parr

April 3rd, 2024



We received the following from the City Communications people earlier today:

“With respect to recent changes in City of Burlington leadership roles, at no time have I spoken directly to the Burlington Gazette or any other publication asserting or implying that strong mayor powers have been used for this purpose. They have not.”

The Gazette never said that we spoke to Tim Commisso on this matter.

Here is what we published, the words were sent to us by the Communications people

 “Responding on behalf of Tim Commisso, City Manager – Further to your requests to Council members and Corporate Communications, I can confirm Brynn Nheiley and Sheila Jones are no longer working for the City.

“As you know, it’s our policy not to comment on personnel matters, but I would like to note that the City is grateful to Brynn and Sheila for their many important contributions over the years and we wish them the very best in their future endeavours.”

Commisso appears to be concerned with what we published in the following article – Link is HERE

Commisso seems to be saying that the removal of two senior staff members was not the result of the Mayor using her Strong Mayor powers.  If the Mayor didn’t fire the two women then the City Manager did.

The only thing we do know is that two of the Executive Director level people are no longer with the city.  Sooner or later the full story will come out – it always does.

What a heck of a way for Tim Commisso to end a career.


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3 comments to City manager takes exception to our suggesting it was the Mayor who fired two senior staff members

  • Penny

    For the Mayor to delegate some of the strong mayor powers back to council will be going against anything that she has done in the past.

    “Never apologize, Never retract Never explain”

    Does the heading of Joan Little’s article in the Hamilton Spectator come to mind” A Palace Revolt in Burlington”.

  • Blair Smith

    Actually Penny, I believe that we will. Their exit packages should appear as part of their total 2024 compensation in the 2025 Sunshine List.

  • Penny

    It seems as if everyone at City Hall is walking on eggshells.

    It is a sad state of affairs and unfortunately we will never know what really happened with regard to the firing of the two senior staff members. Certainly, we will never know the cost to the taxpayers in the way of compensation that these 2 employees have a right to.

    Would love to know the reasoning behind these firings.

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