City Of Burlington Formally Opposes the Millcroft Greens' Development Application

By Staff

February 3rd, 2023



Millcroft Against Development (MAD) and the Millcroft Greenspace Alliance learned yesterday that the city had formally decided to oppose the Millcroft Green development application that would significantly change what a close to 40 year community would look like and, many believe, have a significant negative impact on storm water management. The application is now on the Ontario Land Tribunal schedule.  Dates for hearings have not been announced.

Both organizations have party status at the OLT hearing along with the Regional government and Conservation Halton.

Council made the decision on December 13th – advised the two organizations yesterday.

The unanimous decision opposed Millcroft Greens’ application, except for Parcel E, which is the proposed low-rise on Dundas Street.

Launched together with the Millcroft Golf Club course in 1986, the Millcroft project in Burlington was a Monarch Development flagship community for more than a decade.

It was designed as a community that would be built around a golf course. Residents loved it.

The 650-acre community already includes more than 2,400 single-family houses and townhouses, which wind their way around the rolling greens of the golf course. And as the community moves toward the 20-year milestone, Monarch launched the final phase of executive, single-family homes in the community, called Classic Greens.

They comprised of 166 houses on large lots. Some will back on to the 18-hole, semi-private golf course, and others will have basement walkouts. Homes will range from 2,051 to 3,778 square feet, and lots will be 50 and 60 feet wide.

This is the community the residents want to maintain – a developer saw an opportunity to add close to 100 houses.

Map showing where the developer wants to locate the expansions. Block E is a low rise unit that will face onto Dundas and is not seen as something that will impact the sense of community the residents enjoy

The City will formalize its opposition in the appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

MAD is also a party to the appeal, with Weir Foulds representing the community as legal counsel.

A rendering of how new homes would be jammed into the area shown as Block B elsewhere in this story.

Marianne Meed Ward, Angelo Bentivegna, and Shawna Stolte are expected to bring a resolution to Regional Council requesting the province to declare a provincial interest in preserving Millcroft’s green space.

This has been a long grinding process for the Millcroft community and it is far from over.  The good news and the upside is that there won’t be any changes to the golf course layout until there is a decision from the Ontario Land Tribunal.



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