City of Burlington looking for people or groups interested in exclusive space at former Robert Bateman high school


By Staff

July 7th, 2023



Without anything from the community at large on what should/could take place in the former Robert Bateman high school, now being called the new community centre, the city  wants to hear from anyone interested in providing community programming.

“At this time, the City is only looking for interest related to long-term rental agreement or exclusive use of the space” said  Denise Beard, Manager of Community Development

She adds: “Exclusive use is different than an open gym or room where multiple service providers can quickly set up and take down equipment for different activities. Exclusive use means the area is dedicated to the service provider on a long-term rental basis instead of an hourly basis.

“There is no formal commitment or expectation at this point in the process. Tell us what services you want to provide at this new community centre by visiting Fill out the form and share your interest by Sept. 30, 2023.

“The building is being renovated to accommodate community partners and recreational/cultural space. The facility has approximately 21,000 square feet of space for rent, programs and user groups, as well as an additional 9000 square feet of potential temporary space available to the community.

Denise Beard, Manager of Community Development

“Individuals, groups and service providers are all welcome to express their interest in the space. Following this process, a formal bidding process will be launched in 2024 with the chosen renter/service beginning in 2027.

“Later this year, the community will be asked about the types of recreational/cultural services or programs they would like to have within the new community centre.”

All submissions must be received by 4:30 p.m. Sept. 30, 2023. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Denise Beard adds: “We’re looking for any person or group who could provide a recreational or cultural service to the community. Anyone interested is asked to fill out a form to simply let us know what you could do. There is no commitment at this point as we’re simply gathering information and ideas.”


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2 comments to City of Burlington looking for people or groups interested in exclusive space at former Robert Bateman high school

  • Lynn Crosby

    Why do they keep pretending that later, always later and later, the public will be engaged … after they have decided everything that’s significant themselves.

    Just give it up. Filling in a survey later saying if we want pickleball or darts in the gym isn’t engagement. The time for true and real engagement in a project this expensive and this huge is long over.

    Of course when the next election brochures are printed, they want to use the word “engagement” so somehow they’ll use this as an example. I’m guessing the price tag they use then won’t quite be the final figure either.

  • Jim Thomson

    How is it the the request for expression of interest has been moved forward in the Bateman Schedule?
    It was supposed to be from July to mid-November.
    The Vision thing was supposed to be June to October.
    So far nothing concrete on the Vision thing.
    Why is the community engagement always pushed till later?