City planners reported to have refused the two tower development for Brant and Lakeshore Road.

By Staff

March 24th, 2022



The city planning department is going to say NO to the proposed two tower development at Brant and LAkeshore.

That decision will surely take the application the the Ontario Land Tribunal, where, in the past the city has not done very well.

Public Meeting Information
You are invited to attend a Public Meeting to consider the recommendation report concerning this application.

City staff have reviewed the application along with the comments from the public and technical agencies received to date. Staff will be recommending refusal of the amendments to the City’s Community Planning, Regulation and Mobility (CPRM) Committee.

Due to COVID-19, this Public Meeting will be held virtually. Only the Chair of the meeting, a clerk, and audio/visual technician will be in Council Chambers. All other staff, members of Council, and delegations will participate remotely. This meeting will take place on:

Meeting Date: April 12, 2022
Time: 1:00 P.M.
Location: Virtual Meeting held Online

If built – they will be the tallest buildings in the city on what the developer called Ground Zero

What is Proposed?
Burlington 2020 Lakeshore Inc. has made an application to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law for the property located at 2020 Lakeshore Rd.

The application proposes to demolish the existing six-storey hotel and develop two mixed-use tall buildings of 35 storeys (west tower) and 30 storeys (east tower) with five-storey podiums. The two podiums would be connected at the fifth storey.

The six storey podium that will be the base for the two towers – one 35 and the other 30 storeys will loom over over Lakeshore Road

The proposed development includes 4,445 square metres of commercial space, 4,348 square metres of office space, 557 residential apartment units, and a hotel with 122 guest suites. The residential apartment units consist of 23 studio units, 212 one-bedroom units, 166 one-bedroom + den units, 138 two-bedroom units, and 18 three-bedroom units.

The application proposes 598 parking spaces in four underground levels. Driveway access for parking and loading will be provided from Elizabeth Street. The existing driveways from Lakeshore Road would be removed.

The application proposes an outdoor mid-block connection from Lakeshore Road to Spencer Smith Park, in line with John Street. This publicly accessible, privately owned connection would pass beneath the fifth-floor connection between the two podiums.

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4 comments to City planners reported to have refused the two tower development for Brant and Lakeshore Road.

  • Alfred

    Was it the planners that said no? Or was it the Nimby Mayor forcing them to say no. She has a habit of firing people who don’t agree with her. Remember when?

    Let me tell you how this plays out.

    The Mayor kicks this football down the road to the OLT. The OLT. decides in the Developers favour based on the fact that the development is consistant with Provincial development policies. The Mayor responds Oh I am shocked. Don’t blame me. It was the fault of the developer run, corrupt OLT. The Developer wins and sells the condos. for $150,000 more per unit because of the delay caused by our Mayor and several clueless councilors. The best part is we get stuck with the millions in wasted tax dollars to pay for these lost appeals over and over again. Bill Stoneman you make a lot of sense.

    Not a whole lot of that around anymore.

    • Bruce Leigh

      Alfred, what basis do you have to accuse the Mayor like that? That is tantamount to accusing the Mayor of corruption. How would it be if some said here the Alfred was an disreputable builder, did not follow code etc. You likely would take exception. Don’t throw mud. In doing so it minimizes your argument.

      I think you may be “fact blind”. This development does not appear to be consistent with the Provinces development policies. It’s application is primarily based upon the property being within the boundaries of the Urban Growth Centre. However those boundaries were moved by agreement of the Minister before the developer’s fully completed application was made to the City. As I understand it the UGC is the vehicle through which the Province’s policies for intensification and development growth will materialize.

      What is your take on ADI jacking up the price of their condos to those who “bought” seven years ago. My take, using the Mayor’s phrase, is disgusting, immoral, shameful. I’m sure you can find a way to justify it. Developers are just full of self interest. But as always, the exception proves the rule. Take a look at the Holland Park Development. RENTAL UNITS galore. Brookfield Properties is a developer showing some social conscience and leadership.

      Alfred, how about this from those adorable developers ADI. They are sticking it to those who “bought” into their project some seven years ago. ADI is now demanding huge price increases, or get your down payment back and screw off. Developers such a lovely, caring bunch of low lives

  • Bill Stoneham

    I support moving ahead, and ‘up’! We must always move forward. Burlington is an up and coming, modern lakeside city, that is open for business, recreation (land and water) and above all top-notch residences. Builders, must offer features, that purchasers are seeking ..and willing to pay for……so, I say “Stop the Winging About Height”. Be certain, that what Burlington offers is quality-constructed and suited to attract buyers. I love Burlington’s past, and present. I shall be 80 years young, this month, and hope to be around for a long while, to enjoy the modern growth, including the towering residences and diverse residents. Let us move fearlessly forward and celebrate the daily life we can enjoy here. Like it or not, this City is changing….it is simply silly, and totally unrealistic, and selfish, to think of holding it back.

  • It’s too big I want all turned back into Park land