City web site now has a new look and appears to handle searches quicker

By Staff

July 26th, 2022


The city web site has had a remake.

It looks different – and at first run it is better than what was there.

Search times take a bit – the communications people explained that there will be small tweaks to adjust how quickly searches on the web site are loaded.

It is certainly a much cleaner look and searches seem to be a little faster. Give it six months and see how it works.

It is certainly an improvement – how much of an improvement – only time will tell.

If you run into problems – send us a comment. Staff advised us the day the new version was made operational that the calendar and link is working. It does take a couple seconds to load. Testing on various browsers and on galaxy s10 and iphone occurred.

In a comment after we published the communications people said:

With any website launch it’s an iterative process. We’ll provide ongoing maintenance to keep it fresh and up to date. Look out for a formal City media release for the hard launch of our website this week.

Specific to our site search, our site search tool cludo is highly configurable based on use reporting. With each search, the site becomes smarter, faster and more accurate. This is a new install on a new site with a lot of navigation changes; we anticipate a couple weeks for site search result optimization.

You’ll see upgraded news and notices tools to better refine searches. Trending search results on the homepage too.

The team working on this remake were quite young – they brought a different perspective to their work.

Let’s give it a chance and at the same time record the problems.

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