It is Put your Money where your Mouth is Time.

By Pepper Parr

April 6th, 2023



In January more than 150 wrote to say there has to be a way to keep what one reader called the only credible source for community news and information about public events in Burlington. It has served a very important role.

We all know that the internet is not “free”. It’s just that the price people pay can often be hidden or indirect; such things as disclosure of personal data and market preferences that allow companies to target their publications to specific audiences. Almost all online newspaper now have ‘paywalls’ – restrictions to what you can read and how much. Most, also have a restriction on who can comment, as in only the subscribers who can access the posts and read the content.

For many years the Gazette has been truly “free”. Unfortunately, that can not continue if this on line, accredited news source is to continue publication.

When we considered ceasing publication at the end of January the responses from the community were loud and clear: “tell us how we can support you”.

“I Just read your comment to a comment above….how about starting a subscription service. I for one would gladly contribute.”

“Thanks for your service. This is very sad news for those of us who relied on you for news about our city. The Gazette will be missed.”

“Who will keep the Mayor and Council honest now?”

“Please add my name to those who appreciate the service you’ve provided to the Burlington community. You helped enlighten folks who may not have known otherwise about an important local issue.”

“…we didn’t always agree, but at least you brought salient Burlington issues to our awareness, since the “major” Canadian media companies haven’t seen fit to service a 200,000 population market.”

“… this is sad news for those of us who have relied on you and the Gazette for the details and insights that others couldn’t (or wouldn’t?) provide. Many times when developing delegations, the Gazette was a major resource for the backstories and details that were necessary to make a case. And sometimes to remind Council of their promises, statements and actions. Your tireless work all these years is greatly appreciated.”

“The Gazette was the only credible source for community news and information about public events in Burlington. It served a very important role, and will be truly missed by its readers and supporters.”

Several people offered immediate financial support and this allowed us to stay afloat while we developed a ‘go forward’ business plan that incorporates “… ongoing funding from the community that has said it wants to support you and develop[s] a creditable advertising sales program.”

As a result, we are now working with Patreon, a company that assists content creators to elicit financial support from the people that read what we write.

The people who use Patreon to support artists, musicians, writers, publishers, craft people – the list is almost endless – are called “patrons”. We are asking you, as informed readers and supporters of independent journalism, to become patrons of the Burlington Gazette.

How do you become a patron: Click on the link

There will be many perks and benefits to becoming a patron. One is the ability to comment.

If you wish your voice to be heard through the Gazette, please join the ranks of our patrons and subscribe. After April 10th, only people who are patrons will be able to comment.

Learn more about what Patreon does and how you can become a patron Click HERE

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6 comments to It is Put your Money where your Mouth is Time.

  • Joe Gaetan

    I hope readers are aware that our newspapers (digital and hard copy) in all forms are headed toward extinction, some at their own hand. Glad to contribute.

  • Stephen Warner

    Are the Burlington Gazzette payments eligible to be deducted as a digital subscription for income tax purposes?

  • Stephen Warner aka SteveW

    I’ve joined

  • Gary Scobie

    I too am happy to join the patron ranks for continued two-way journalism. No other game in town that promotes dialogue from all sorts of people with all sorts of views. Come on commentors – time to support openess, dialogue and transparency not just with our mouths but also with our wallets.

  • Lynn Crosby

    I hope that many loyal readers will chip in to help keep the Gazette going strong … whether they want to comment or not. (Some people may want to pay to stop some of us from commenting) … 😉

  • Blair Smith

    I’m pleased to join the ranks of the Gazette’s patrons and continue to ‘poke the bear’. I hope that both my fellow ‘bear baiters’ and ‘bear apologists’ will follow suit. It will be interesting to learn who will put their “Pennys” where their mouths have so liberally (sorry Ray 😉 been.