Comments from those who have delegated against the way the city budget is being put together are beginning to add up

By Pepper Parr

November 27th, 2023



There is a flicker to that flame that brought out a number of delegations that took Council to task on the way they were putting together the budget for 2024.

Vera Chapman, a recent delegator

Eric Stern, Dan Chapman, Lydia Thomas and Vera Chapman are new to the Council Chamber podium.  They are serving the citizens of the city exceptionally well.

We received a comment this morning that sets out what one of them thinks is wrong with the process and the way members of Council have found a way to become mute when it comes to how they behave when presented with the facts.

Said one of the delegators: “In terms of a “do over” on the budget I don’t know if that is a legislative requirement. I have to send my powerpoint in by noon today, someone will read it, notify the mayor, and then they will add an appendix to the budget book. The appendix will show revenue amounts by type of revenue and they will pass the budget. I don’t like this because they are hiding information from the public. Information that should have been available during the review process, but that is how this council operates. I don’t expect any change. Having the revenue by type in amounts will help with next year’s battle.

“The key point in MMWs twisted reasoning appears to be Burlington signed the housing pledge, therefor Burlington had to accept the strong mayor powers. So this needs to be refuted first.”

The Gazette has set out how the city managed to confuse the two pieces of legislation that were related to the creation of Strong Mayor Powers.  So far they have ignored the legislation.  An excerpt from that article is set out below.

Analysis of Regulatory Impact:

By amending this regulation, the strong mayor framework would apply to more municipalities. Currently the framework applies to two municipalities – the City of Toronto and City of Ottawa.

Local impacts will depend on how the heads of council (HOC) in designated municipalities choose to use these strong mayor powers and how the municipality will support the implementation of these powers and duties for the HOC.

There are no requirements in the regulations that would result in new administrative costs for municipalities. Municipalities may choose to update local processes and policies at any time, based on their local needs and circumstances.

Bill 3, sets out the Strong Mayor Powers for Toronto and Ottawa.

Bill 39 cover additional municipalities – includes Burlington

Bill 3: Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022
Bill 39: Better Municipal Governance Act, 2022   
O. Reg. 530/22 – Municipal Act





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