Conservation Halton would like any comments people can provide on the flooding around Hole 3 - Berwick on the golf course

By Staff

July 31st, 2023



Conservation Halton(CH) completed a East Burlington Creeks Flood Hazard Mapping Study.

Millcroft Against Development (MAD) said the “Observational information from residents helped “ground-truth” the study findings and strengthen CH’s understanding of the flood hazard in the Millcroft Golf Club area.

CH staff reviewed the information provided in MAD’s July 6th, 2023 report as well as emails with observations and feedback from 2022 and 2021 when the study commenced. Specifically, engineers from CH’s floodplain mapping team have evaluated the comprehensive feedback from Millcroft residents relative to the draft flood hazard modelling and mapping from the study.

Only riverine flooding that is associated with a flood hazard of a watercourse is regulated by CH and was mapped as part of CH’s study. The reported observations of riverine flooding in this area are generally consistent with study modelling, which considered flooding associated with a range of storm events including more frequent storms to very rare events such as the August 4, 2014 storm, the 1:100 year storm, and the Hurricane Hazel Regional Storm.

However, in the area around Hole 3, a reported observation of flooding along a fence does not align with the draft flood hazard modelling and mapping from CH’s study. To confirm whether this observation may be related to riverine flooding, CH floodplain mapping program staff would appreciate an opportunity to meet with any residents who provided flood observations related to the Hole 3 area on their properties, to gain a clearer understanding of their observations.

The Millcroft Against Development (MAD) Admin team would appreciate your assistance in connecting residents who provided the observations related to flooding around Hole 3/Berwick with Conservation Halton.

Please email the Admin team at with your contact information.

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