Conservative Candidate Emily Brown spoke at the Chamber of Commerce election event

By Ryan O’Dowd, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

September 14th, 2021



With less than a week left in the federal election, we never got to know Emily Brown.

Brown chose to be the only major party representative in her riding to avoid an interview with the Gazette,  or any other news outlet as far as one can tell.

What we have is a list of what Brown says are her four key concerns – they are all are: domestic:  safety, divisiveness, Canada’s international reputation, and the economy.

Climate change does not make the list; Brown did not show up for the climate change debate that every other major party candidate in Burlington made time for.

Early pictures of Conservative Emily Brown had her with a rifle in her hands.

Economic concerns are at the forefront of election issues but Brown’s other three priorities appear nowhere near the top of an August 27th Angus Reid poll of the key issues this election. In this regard, Brown’s platform could have benefited from her submitting to some level of media scrutiny to make a clearer pitch for why these issues should matter more than climate change.

She has a brief profile from the Burlington Post in which the only information of note is what’s missing, that being Brown is the sole candidate who declined to provide her vaccination status.

The Gazette  focused much of our first report on Brown’s domestic safety concerns, which Brown defines as domestic safety, major crime concern in Burlington, the Canadian government being soft on crime and “attacking” law-abiding gun owners.

It is certainly eye-catching as she is the sole Burlington candidate making the pitch that crime is a top concern in Burlington, human trafficking is rampant, and she is the only gun advocate on the ballot.

While the Green and the NDP candidates were at the table – the focus was on Conservative Emily Brown and Liberal Karina Gould.

Based on the Regional annual safety rankings and polls trending towards indifference toward the recent gun restrictions passed by the Liberal government it’s unclear how well this message will resonate.

If elected, it remains to be seen how heavily represented this will be on Brown’s agenda but based on her ranking of this issue, endorsements from the National Firearms Association, and her standing on several gun boards, it will surely be a primary focus for a potential Minister Brown.

Brown’s efforts to elaborate on divisiveness in Canada have been largely anecdotal (in a campaign introduction video she says she’s “talked to friends across the country” who feel like Canada is divided) except for a telling answer on optional vaccinations during a rare public appearance at a Chamber of Commerce event. Brown said vaccinations were a personal choice and she does not support mandatory vaccinations or vaccine passports. How Brown thinks it’s appropriate to placate anti-vaxxers misled by disinformation campaigns while pushing for a less divided Canada is a tough nut to crack.

One would surmise the very division she opposes is being propagated by the portion of Canadians divided from reality who protest at hospitals and harass the Prime Minister.

At the Chamber of Commerce event, voters did get to hear Brown talk about tangible policies. Brown spoke about COVID-19 recovery and had an opportunity to illustrate an economic recovery plan focusing on helping businesses.

“Conservatives will partially forgive loans for businesses who invest back into Canadian and Burlington companies. We need to take it out of government control and help Canadians invest in their own businesses. We need to stop the bleed of businesses that are fleeing the country because of poor policies, I’m hearing that everywhere at the door. We will also incentivize the hiring of employees who are out of work, knowing the longer you’ve been out of work the harder it is to get back in the employment field. So we will be offsetting the salaries for up to 6 months for companies who hire individuals,” said Brown.

Brown was also swift to dismiss the Liberal’s childcare plan saying it’s a family’s choice and not a government institution. Brown also cites she had to make sacrifices as a stay-at-home mom as an argument against making childcare more affordable now.

“One of the things we’re providing is the ability to “upskill or reskill” to meet your professional goals to change your strategy for going forward. Especially for women who have found themselves at home during the pandemic. I was a stay-at-home mom with my sons and it was a choice I was able to make, we gave up a lot to do that. I did not benefit from any childcare program and I feel it is a choice that needs to be made as a family and it is not a government institution,” said Brown.

The Chamber of Commerce event at last afforded a peek at Brown, but due to the format of the event featuring brief answers and no open debate, it wasn’t much. It remains unclear what Brown’s agenda is if we try to look past the obvious.

Liberal incumbent, Karina Gould, remarked upon the mystery of Brown.

“It’s the first time I have faced a Conservative candidate who has brazenly misled people like this,” said Gould.

“There are only two things I know about the Conservative candidate in Burlington. The first is that she wants to weaken our gun laws specifically repealing the assault-style weapons ban. Two is that she is deliberately lying to voters as the door about our Liberal housing plan…

“It’s the first time I have faced a Conservative candidate who has brazenly misled people like this,” said Gould.

Questions around Brown’s platform are all but assured to extend through to election day. On September 20th Burlington’s gun advocate candidate will ask voters to take a shot in the dark.

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10 comments to Conservative Candidate Emily Brown spoke at the Chamber of Commerce election event

  • Mary Jenkins

    Carol Victor, yes we can count on the Liberals to rack up more ethics violations if you want to go with the “tried and true” analogy. We can count on Karina to vote to give the boot to any strong women who dares to stand up to Trudeau. Karina voted to oust Dr Jane Philpot and Jody Wilson Raybould. Funny….you would think that most people would appreciate the courage that it took for those two women to stand up and expose what Trudeau was doing. Thanks to Jodi Wilson Raybould’s honesty, our PM was found guilty of ethics violations for interfering in our judicial system. Carol, ignorance is not bliss.
    You must be referring to Michael Bator from the People’s Party when you make reference to a an anti vaxxer. Not sure if he is an anti vaxxer or just against mandatory vaccines? Big difference. Gun lobbyist? Bahahaha, because someone participates in the sport of clay shooting, that makes them a gun lobbyist? You realize that it is an Olympic sport? Wow, you sure do make a lot of assumptions Carol. You know what they say about assumptions……

    • David Barker

      Check out JT’s predecessor’s (Harper) scandals and ethics violations. Don’t pretend the PCs Rw any better. Scheer was a liar. Lied about his professional qualifications, hid his US citizenship whilst condemning others with dual citizenship. O’Toole praised Kenney for management of the pandemic. Now he will not even mention his name. He cannot admit he made a mistake. At least Trudeau has admitted his mistakes.

      If Trudeau’s AG had been a male and been fired under the exact same circumstances would you be banging on your drum? Probably not. The sex of the individual is irrelevant. Whether JWR or 0hilpott are strong women or strong men is irrelevant. Truth is JWR was stubborn to the point of stupidity. A deferred prosecution agreement, which JT wanted her to consider, would have punished the guilty individuals without risking damage to the company, its employees, shareholders, suppliers etc that were all at risk with the trial route. Now with her book we see what a spiteful individual she is.

      Nobody, not Libs, PCs, NDPs anyone is making vaccinations mandatory for every one. Governments and employers are though saying to participate fully in society or to be employed you must be vaccinated. Just like kids must have certain vaccinations in order to participate in school.

      Editor’s note: Mr Barker continues to be rude – his comments have been edited.

  • Mary Jenkins

    Somehow I knew that you would not post a reply that could a possibly set the record straight on the Conservative Candidate. Perhaps the Gazette receiving money from the Liberals just as an election was being called, has put you in a compromised position Pepper? Why was it such a well guarded secret about the $61 MILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT TO VARIOUS MEDIA OUTLETS? I’m surprised that as a “journalist” you would not promote discussion, even if a it goes against your personal narrative. It keeps your publication current and interesting. Otherwise people are just stopping by for your personal unchallenged opinion. That doesn’t really appeal to the masses. Just saying……..

    Editors note: We were one of 100 local newspapers out of a list of 300 applicants to receive federal funding – and we note that funding on every story the reporters we hired write. The Gazette as a corporation doesn’t get any of the funding nor do I as publisher. The funds go to the reporters

  • Penny Hersh

    I respect the fact that some people are not in favour of the conservative platform and choose to vote for a different party.

    I do, however, feel it is unfair to keep producing a picture of the conservative candidate running in Burlington sport shooting.

    To be fair can we have a picture of Justin Trudeau, yelling at a protester at his rally this past week where he tells the protester to go protest in front of hospitals? For those who will ask this was reported on CTV news and elsewhere.

    First an unnecessary election during a pandemic and now encouraging people to protest in front of the hospitals where front line health workers are being traumatized.

    • Mike Ettlewood

      Penny – your comments are becoming a bit routine. Do you have anything “new” to say or is it still Trudeau bad, election unnecessary? You never argue the strengths of Brown above those of Gould. It’s always the same diatribe about poor Justin. When you are faced with the appalling leadership choices that we have, you vote the best local candidate. That is certainly not Emily Brown.

  • Jim Thomson

    Since when is Canada’s international reputation a domestic issue?
    Mr Dressup’s trip to India was an international embarrassment for Canada.
    As was his pursuit of a UN Security Council Seat.

    Also I’m pretty sure that’s a shotgun in the picture of Emily Brown.
    You don’t shoot at clay targets with a rifle. Maybe Ryan needs to learn the difference.

  • Luke

    Never had a liberal “Brazenly” mislead me.
    Oxford defines brazenly as an adverb
    ​”openly and without shame, usually about something that shocks people.”

    While I am not particularly shocked the Oxford Thesaurus offers some alternatives;.
    Cheat, lie, trick, fool, deceive, betray, con.
    These words all mean to make someone believe something that is not true, especially in order to get what you want.

    No seriously Liberals were going to;
    “Balance the Budget in 2019”
    Start planting 2 billion trees in 2020.
    Not raise the carbon tax.
    The “Clean Fuel Surcharge” kicks in January 1 no?
    #BelieveHer unless it has something to do with Justin or the Canadian Military.
    Reduce Cell phone bills by 25%
    Camping Credit of $2000 per year?

    The best one ever was, “We’re all in this together!”
    Until Trudeau announced the other day that he spent the last 18 months holding news conferences “On my Front Porch.” He never once in rain, snow or sun showed up at the appointed time.

    So forgive me if I don’t believe you when you say you’re not going to tax my home.
    Perhaps you will call it a;
    “User Fee”
    “House Premium”
    “Stretch Goal”?

    Editors note: Edited for libelous statements.

  • Alan Harrington

    The Trump “How To Win A Campaign” playbook clearly says:

    “Do not propose any new ideas, Do not tell the truth, Disparage your opponents and Avoid the media”. Encourage unruly violence, misinformation and a divided electorate

    One party seems to be following the Trump methodology very closely – while the other parties stand back and watch.

    We all know who won the GOP nomination in 2016 and went on to become president.

  • Carol Victor

    Don ‘t take a shot in the dark go with tried and TRUE Burlington!!
    Who needs a gun lobbyist and anti vaxxet representing this great city?