Council is doing everything it can to stick to the Mayor's 4.99% number

By Pepper Parr

November 28th, 2023



They aren’t there yet – lot of juggling numbers and looking for ways to spend providing they can fund the money – somewhere.

Lori Jivan the Budget guru reports.

This Council is doing what it can to send a message to the people who pay the taxes – it is going to take more than this to recover from the anger that excellent delegators made clear – change the way you create the budget.

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3 comments to Council is doing everything it can to stick to the Mayor’s 4.99% number

  • Caren

    I would like to thank all of those who delegated before City Council during the 2024 Budget meetings in person and via video. I appreciate all of your very informative information that you provided.
    Hopefully our City Council will remember all of this when drafting the 2025 Budget.

  • Lynn Crosby

    It isn’t 4.99 percent, it is well over 10!!!! Let’s not keep perpetuating the fairy tales.

    Editor’s note:
    We took the 4.99% from the figures that were delivered by the finance department. Where are you getting 10% ? Why don’t we all wait until the CFO announces what the tax rate is going to be.
    We take that 4.99% as the amount that taxes paid will be 4.99% than they were last time.

    • I think we should talk about property tax revenue not how it gets muddled onto the tax bill. Property tax revenue to the city will increase by 10.21%. Even this is not quite correct because new homes and new condos, that start paying property tax in 2024, will add to property tax revenue making the actual increase, over 2023, even higher.