Councillor Sharman: Appears to have forgotten what his job is -

By Pepper Parr

March 30th, 2024



The following is from the April newsletter sent out by the ward Councillor just yesterday.

With a majority of the City Councillors in open revolt – challenging the Mayor on her use of the Strong Mayor powers that were declared by the Premier of the province on July 1st of last years Councillor Sharman starts his newsletter with:

With the changing of the seasons comes a renewed sense of energy and possibility. Happy Easter and Ramadan Mubarak to all of those celebrating.

As we step into April, we prepare to celebrate Earth Day- a time to reflect on our impact on the planet and take meaningful steps toward a greener future. Let us unite in preserving our environment for generations to come, through sustainable practices and conscious living.

April also marks Daffodil Month, a time to honour and support those affected by cancer. Like the resilient daffodil, we stand in solidarity with those facing this challenge, offering hope, strength and unwavering support to our community members.

In the spirit of growth and vitality, we are thrilled to welcome 3 new restaurants to our Ward 5 community. Each establishment brings its own unique flavours, offering our community more exciting dining options to explore and enjoy. Congratulations, Mighty Bird, Poke Works and Bombay Frankies.

The good news is that the Skyway Community Centre is on target – not under budget – the federal government took a pass on providing the badly needed financial support

We are making progress with the new Skway Arena and Community Centre as we look forward to opening it to the public later this year. Also, work on renovating the former Robert Bateman High school, which is now to be called the Robert Bateman Community Centre.

As always, please feel free to contact me directly by email at or leave a message at 905-335-7600 ext. 7591. Should you wish to meet in person, please email to schedule an appointment.

For city service requests such as tree pruning, road safety, street maintenance, etc., please email for immediate attention.


You ain’t seen nothing yet

Is there a problem here that needs my serious attention.

Below, you will find some key information and we warmly encourage you to reach out, ask questions, and connect with us. As always, if you see me out and about, please say hi!

Should you bump into Councillor ask him what he is smoking?

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