Covid19 cancels the early afternoon choir event at the Performing Arts Centre today. Late afternoon event will take place

By Pepper Parr

December 10th, 2022



Dear Friends.

We received the following early this morning from Sabatino, the Director of the Southern Ontario Lyric Opera group that was to perform at the Performing Arts Centre at 1:00 PM

“For tomorrow it looks like we will not be able to perform. Our Chorus numbers even for the Wednesday concert were down due to varying illnesses, we ended up with 40 Choristers instead of 50. This affects our numbers for tomorrow as I was counting on one of our Chorus soloists to perform with us. She was very happy to do so but I just received news that she just tested positive for covid. I was counting on her to perform some of the rep we had performed on Wednesday. I am so sorry about this and hope to make it up to you in some other way in the new year. I’m always one for participating in community events whenever asked. Hope we can make it up to you.

The My Pop Choir will be performing at 3:00 pm

We are as disappointed as many of you will be.

The pandemic is not over yet.

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