Covid19 is a virus we now have to live with - we can manage the spread

By Staff

January 30th, 2023



Covid 19 is basically with us forever. Like measles and mumps and polio.

This virus is with us – probably forever. It can be controlled – the same way we control measles.

We managed to get some control over measles – regular vaccinations of students at school solved that serious problem.

The World Health Organization said recently that: Higher levels of immunity worldwide through vaccination or infection “may limit the impact” of the virus that causes COVID-19 on “morbidity and mortality,” the committee said.

Every child has to be vaccinated to attend school. This is the kind of world we live in.

“But there is little doubt that this virus will remain a permanently established pathogen in humans and animals for the foreseeable future. While Omicron versions are easily spread, “there has been a decoupling between infection and severe disease” compared to that of earlier variants.”

Committee members cited “pandemic fatigue“ and the increasing public perception that COVID-19 isn’t as much of a risk as it once was, leading to people to increasingly ignore or disregard health measures like mask-wearing and social distancing.

It is a different world – we need to be aware of what we are up against – we do know what we have to do.

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