Crombie on what she would like to see happen at Colleges and Universities

By Staff

August 23rd, 2023


The run for the role of the Ontario Liberal Party leader is daunting.

Fund raising and getting out to as many communities as possible is easier said than done.

Bonnie Crombie was scheduled to be in Burlington for an event scheduled for between 6:00 and 8:00 pm at the Tansley Woods Community Centre on Monday.  She was a couple of minutes late and dove right into greeting people which she followed up with a short speech on what she saw as the major problems. Her top priorities were Health – Long Term Care, Education, Housing and the Greenbelt.

What the people organizing the event were not fully aware of was that Crombie was scheduled to be in Oakville for a 7:00 PM event to be followed by another event at 7:30.

That resulted in a hasty, unannounced and awkward retreat by Crombie and the people travelling with her.

In a policy paper released by Crombie she outlined her plan to Support Ontario Students

Bonnie Crombie speaking to Liberals in Burlington.

“Ontario has the lowest fraction of post-secondary support at 30%. Doug Ford’s government cut operational funding for post secondary education in Ontario leaving colleges and universities scrambling for revenue. International students have been unfairly compensating for this shortfall without adequate care or housing. Doug Ford’s policy decision to shortchange our post secondary institutions is driving up the cost of housing and putting strains on provincial and municipal services – especially in university and college hubs. Bonnie supports increasing the provincial contribution of operating revenue to better balance our cost-sharing model so we can continue to support domestic and international students who fuel our economy.

“With the high cost of living – from groceries to rent – students and prospective students have enough to worry about. Students deserve a government that will support them.

“A post-secondary education should be accessible to anyone who wants it.

“I have heard some excellent ideas on how to make post-secondary education a reality for more students – here are the ideas that I believe Ontario Liberals should debate and consider:

“Eliminating the provincial portion of interest on OSAP loans, including for former students who are still paying off student loans.

“Increasing the annual income threshold for OSAP repayment to $40,000 and extending the grace period for the provincial portion of OSAP to two years, providing new graduates with time to find jobs and be in a better financial position to cover the cost of repayments.Increasing OSAP funding for all eligible students, with a particular focus on supporting low-income and underrepresented groups.

Delivering academic programs that are aligned with the needs of the labour market, hands-on training and expanded experiential learning opportunities such as co-op and paid internships.

Increasing the provincial contribution of operating revenue to better balance our cost-sharing model.

Supporting increased tenure-stream faculty hiring and positions, while keeping tuition fees low and ensuring the sustainability and quality of Ontario’s post-secondary institutions.

Supporting proactive measures towards addressing sexual and gender-based violence on postsecondary campuses.

Crombie is travelling across the province to hear from Ontario Liberals, students and stakeholder groups on opportunities to improve the post-secondary education system.

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