Daniel Oke running for Burlington Wards 1&2 school board seat 'to repair damage done during past three years'

By Pepper Parr

April 9th, 2023



Daniel Oke is a ward 1 resident, who runs a martial arts school and wants to become the Halton District School Board trustee for the Burlington wards 1&2 seat.

His Mother was a teacher for 33 years in Oakville schools, his father was in a PhD program. He has a masters in western history, completed his PhD studies but never wrote a PhD thesis as he wanted to get into the work world and start a family.

Oke who has some strong views on public issues.

Oke has never attended a Board of Education meeting but did say he has friends who do attend and they have kept him informed.

Daniel Warren Oke -candidate for the Burlington Wards 1 & 2 HDSB seat.

His top two issues are what he calls a “broken education system” and “repairing the damage that was done during the past three years.”

The Halton School Board is in the process of reviewing its budget. Oke wants to be sure that the taxes collected go into what the students need and not “expensive lunch room furniture for teachers” He describes teacher as “well paid and protected”

Oke refers to what is done in school now as a “factory style” approach that requires students to sit at a desk for seven hours a day; “boys are not wired to be able to sit at a desk for seven hours a day”

Asked what the current board of trustees are doing wrong Oke said “there have been some shifts in direction but they caved into the union demands when they were threatened with personal legal action” The Halton District School Board has gone along with the masking policy put out by the Regional Medical Health Officer.

Oke does not think the pandemic lock downs should have been imposed; he described what was done to students as “child abuse” and “probably not permitted under the criminal code.”

“Masks cause bodily harm and never worked” and were not safe to wear, said Oke.

Daniel Oke’s web site is HERE

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14 comments to Daniel Oke running for Burlington Wards 1&2 school board seat ‘to repair damage done during past three years’

  • Hans Jacobs

    It’s fine that his mother was a teacher and father had a master’s degree but those are not his qualifications. Is Daniel Oke a graduate of a post-secondary academic institution? That might be relevant. Karate is about as relevant as basket weaving. His web site has so many writing errors that it suggests either carelessness or incompetence.

    Trying to make anti-COVID measures an election issue makes no sense, other than that it may get votes from a few anti-vaxxers. Except for a small number of outliers, the mainstream medical profession supported masks and vaccinations and there is zero doubt that these measures were helpful in containing the spread.

    Bottom line: What could this candidate actually contribute as a board member?

  • Sinclair Lewis

    Daniel – part of me would laugh out loud if you were elected. It would be the exact fate that virtue signalling, gender-rabid PC advocates like Margo Shuttleworth deserve as an ongoing diet. But my better nature and social conscience intervene. I sincerely hope that you, and all like you, will become an unpleasant vestige of history. Oh, and Laurie D. – very glad that you qualified “HDSB teacher” with “former”. It saddens me that you once informed the minds of our children.

  • Laara T

    There is a lot of truth in Dan’s words. My son got traumatized at school from wearing a mask and forced to keep distance to his friends. He felt very alone during Covid times. It changed him and his health deteriorated from the lack of oxygen and isolation. I totally support Dan’s view. A lockdown was absolutely unnecessary, masks are indeed harmful and don’t work against a virus. I would absolutely trust him with my child.

  • Mokisha Iam

    Dan is the perfect MAN for this position, very well versed in the Real science and not just the canned political narrative. Perhaps the Burlington gazzette could be transparent with all of their funding streams…..
    Follow the money…..for up to date science in masks please read the latest Cochran review

  • Laurie D.

    A breath of fresh air! As a former HDSB teacher and parent to a highschooler in HDSB there is certainly a need fo revamp education options for students and return logic and reason to board policies.

    I appreciate Dan’s efforts to stand up for what he knows is right, even when it hasn’t been easy.

  • Lucas Tulpin

    So many are truly uninformed about much of what goes on in today’s world. A vote for Daniel would be a vote for common sense and much needed change in the system.

  • Akwasi Alcee©️ UCC 1-308

    This is great news! Someone who is defending the children and the natural well being of all. The damage that has been done these past 3 three years needs to be repaired with diligent action. Their definitely needs to be a revamping of the educational system for the children. Also the masks need to stop as their is plenty of evidence as to the harm it causes, here are some links below.





  • Yayoi Takemoto©

    Finally, someone who knows the truth about the crimes committed legally and lawfully and does not hesitate to speak up for the children is here. Question to Gazette, did you pull the picture from online?

    • Marcela

      School system needs change and Dan is the right man who can do it. We need creators and not followers.

  • Hi there,

    I will try to respond to each comment as best I can, but note that all actions taken were in the best interest of the children and in support/alongside dozens of parents in the Halton region. Everything is backed up by doctors and scientists with decades of frontline/clinical experience rather than politicians: https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/

    To the comment: “How absurd. This definitely isn’t someone I’d want working for our kids and their health and well-being!” You are welcome to review the peer reviewed by science here: https://hdsbtrusteeoke.com/past-3-years

    George and Lynn: The article you mentioned intentionally omitted the facts. The writer, Mac, left out that there were dozens of Halton parents present who had filed police reports and submitted a massive binder of evidence. The Binder and the process were vetted by our paralegal, lawyer and Md friends and everything was in defence of the children. You can view the binder and the process here: lakeshore.sovereignassembly.com/citizens-arrests

    The policies/mandates of the last 3 years have been a massive violation of the criminal code of Canada as well as most of the international covenants and treaties set out to preserve our fundamental rights and Freedoms and ensure that the harm that has been done would never occur: https://goodfoodunearthed.com/human-rights-and-informed-consent

    We have a duty of care to review the science/evidence for ourselves, especially when the health of safety of the children/youth is at stake. Children’s only job should be to thrive and it’s up to us to ensure that they have an environment where they grow. All levels of government have failed to provide said environment over the past three years, but we can start repairing that damage at home.

  • Greetings,

    I’ll try and respond to the comments as best as I can. Remember that everything was done in defence of the children, as they are the top priority, and all actions were backed by doctors and scientists with decades of experience: https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/

    Regarding my website, unfortunately it’s just set up with “go daddy” and it’s what they do automatically. I don’t know how to change it as I build the websites myself and I’m not a tech guy.

    To the comment: “How absurd. This definitely isn’t someone I’d want working for our kids and their health and well-being!”
    My response is that everything I’ve stated is backed by the criminal code of Canada, the international covenants and treaties and a huge preponderance of peer-reviewed, scientific evidence that I’ve made available on my website. We have a duty of care to examine the evidence ourselves, especially when the health and safety of children is at stake. Unfortunately the data shows that all choices made over the past few years were a grave mistake for no demonstrable benefit (according to the data).

    Lynn and George: The vice article omitted the reason behind the action, as well as the process. I was present in assisting dozens of mothers and fathers from Halton in taking action in defence of their children. Police reports were filed and a massive binder of peer-reviewed scientific evidence was also submitted. Everything was vetted by our paralegal, lawyer, and Md friends before submission.
    All evidence and action can be found on lakeshore.sovereignassembly.com/citizens-arrests

    Should one choose to read the evidence it is very clear that nothing was “made up”. This is made abundantly clear when you also read the criminal code violations as well as the International covenants and treaties.

  • Lynn Crosby

    Masks do not cause bodily harm. COVID certainly does. They are perfectly safe to wear and they work to help prevent airborne virus spread.

    Thanks George King for the quote which I also came to post. Here is the entire article. https://www.vice.com/en/article/epdkbe/covid-kai-anti-maskers-led-by-a-karate-sensei-are-attempting-citizens-arrests

    How absurd. This definitely isn’t someone I’d want working for our kids and their health and well-being!

  • Bernard Marchildon

    Daniel risks being unelectable with his views on masks. People expect options regarding cookies. His site has an “Accept” button.

  • For over four-and-a-half minutes, the group, led by Stand4Thee co-founder and karate sensei Dan Oke, read out a litany of made-up charges against Sendzik (who wasn’t present), including torture against children, intimidation, and committing bodily harm (by forcing people to wear masks.) They even provided him with a 1-800 number for legal aid.