Detailed data on whatever you want to know about what is being built

By Pepper Parr

March 8th, 2024



Data is going to drive everything.

In the past – that being the last decade – decision mistakes were made because we didn’t really know what was going on.  No one was counting.

That has changed.  This city administration is counting everything.  Chad MacDonald, the Executive Director of Technology is spending a fortune adding software, upgrading existing software to get to the point where the city will know what took place yesterday and the day before and the month before as well.

The document set out below was released on March 7th and included data from February 29th.  At the next meeting (April) of the Pipeline to Permit Standing Committee there will be an update.

The city now has a computer program that reaches out to a number of departments and plucks data from each one and then assembles that data so that you get what appears below.

This is no small feat; some very smart people are now making things like this happen.

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